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dell 42" plasma tv

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dell 42" plasma tv

  • Where and how do I get parts for a dell 42" plasma tv - with out sending the tv 1/2 way around the US? I am in need of a Power Supply.
  • dalewalleye,

    Dell does not have parts for TVs. All we do is exchange the TV when under warranty. Your best bet is to call local TV repair centers and ask if they have one.
  • Don't waste your time with Chris's suggestion because as you probably know by now Dell does not release its part numbers.  What nonsense, this doesn't seem legal, I plan to look into it.  These televisions are too expensive to be throw away tv's, I'm sure you agree


    Any luck getting that part you need?  My screen sometimes goes blank but sound still can be heard so far I cant get anyone to look at it because of the above mentioned info

  • Chris,  DecisionOne is the only "certifited" repair shop for Dell TV's.  The only have one location, which is in Ohio.  DecisionOne told me they get their parts for DellTV's from Dell.  But they not allowed to sell the parts to other repair shops.


    So, please help people get their Dell Plasma TV's repaired by providing other repair shops these parts.

  • Apabbus,

    It sounds like your problem may be similar to the one solved here: