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W3201C 32" TV - Crackling from speakers

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W3201C 32" TV - Crackling from speakers

  • A week ago, the speakers on my 32" Dell TV started crackling.    Turning the volume all the way down stops the crackling and I can listen through my surround sound fine.  BUT!  I don't like to watch Judge Judy with the surround sound on....only movies.
    I have done a factory reset with the reset code in the manual with very little results.  However I have found that turning the TV off for 10 minutes will cure the problem for about an hour.  this made sence to me after reading one other post on this board about the TV getting too hot and the sound dropping out.
    Anyone experience this problem and have a remedy?  I will experiement more, but if it's in fact heat build up, I will just have to increase air flow in the entertainment center.
    Thanks for your input and feedback.
    Casey in Texas

    Casey B

    Palestine, Texas

  • CMBDJ,

    Is the warranty on the TV still valid?
  • No, the warranty is out by 1 year.  I've had the TV for 2 years.  It's actually getting worse, and I'm thinking it's not heat related.  What repair options do I have?

    Casey B

    Palestine, Texas

  • CMBDJ,

    LCD TV out of warranty repair option
    * DecisionOne (800-941-4478) will ask you to send the unit in for diagnosis and you must provide prepayment.
    * In 1-2 business days, you will receive material from DecisionOne to pack and ship the TV to a certified repair center for servicing.
    * Within 3 business days of receiving the TV, DecisionOne will inform you of the repair cost and ask for permission to perform the repairs. You must provide approval over the phone for this to occur.
    * After the approval is received, agents repair and return the TV to you within 5 business days.
  • Casey:


    I have the same television and mine just starting crackling Thursday.  Did you send your television in for diagnosis?  Did you find out what is causing the crackling?  If so, how much did it cost to repair?



  • This is wide spread, I think dell needs to assist their customers with a soultion that is not costing them anything or almost nothing.  This is manufactures problem. My TV is doing the same thing it's only 3 yrs old.  I mean come on.  WE ALL PAID GOOD money!!! Do do this to us be saying we have to PAY more.
  • About 5 days ago mine started having this problem too. I would not describe it so much as a crackling but more like a very loud electronic hum or whine that is the same no matter what the volume is set at until you lower it all the way or mute it. Looking at the TV it is the speaker on the left, I disconnected the cable and the right side is working fine (for now). This is very strange that so many of these TV's are failing at about the same time. The sad part is I had wanted to extend the warranty before it had expired but was told that I could not because Dell was no longer making TV's and there would be no parts available to do repairs or any refurbished units that could be sent as replacements. I should have known this TV was going to be a headache when the original one failed within days of buying it, I should have gotten my money back at that time and purchased something else. I guess now we know why Dell does not sell Dell labeled TV's any more.


    So is there any chance that Dell will step up to the plate and help all of the people that purchased these TV's that are dropping like flies?

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  • Same issue here too. Dell needs to address this. My TV is 2.5 years old so out of warranty, however, this sounds like a widespread issue. There's no way I'm sending a TV that's this young to D1 to repair and charge me $500.

    I guess I'll just watch TV on my 19" Mitsubishi from 1986. THEY know how to make a long lasting TV. 


    This unit is a piece of junk as far as I'm concerned and the last thing I'll buy from Dell.:smileymad:

  • Hey guess what?  I got crackling go on. I can't even listen to mine.  The crackling, static, and jarbled sound that come out of it grate on the nerves.  Mine is out of warranty.  Poooooor product.
  • It is sad that I posted 8 months ago and have not received a reply from anyone at Dell and I assume no consumer has been willing to pay to get a diagnosis on their speakers. 


    My warranty expired less than two months prior to the crackling.  Our solution was to hook up Kenwood speakers from our home entertainment system we already owned.  We threw the poor-quaility Dell speakers in the trash.  The solution did not cost us anything but some speaker wire and time.


    I would not recommend purchasing a system from Dell without checking out other HD televisions with Consumer Reports.

  • You work at Dell....you should know that with so many people having the same problem with the amp board # E226252, to ship a TV this size to some unknown place recommended by a Dell employee, would be the LAST thing I'd be dumb enough to do right now.  WHY is this happening to all of us is something you or someone else from DELL should post here.

    I would never ship this TV without knowing HOW MUCH this will cost to install a board that at the most, would cost $15.00 from what I read on the Community post.  We all are having this problem and DELL should fix it FREE and offer SHIPPING..after all, I paid over $1000 for this 4 years ago and it's been doing this for months with the one speaker and now the other is doing the same thing....  Sounds like a problem DELL knows about but doesn't give a darn one way or another.

    They liked me buying all the computers and then the TV but I was told they don't have the part...but I read here that your Decision One idea told someone on here that they get the part from DELL....

    Please be fair and help us...