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W4201C- 42" Plasma TV

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W4201C- 42" Plasma TV

  • Does any one know who manufactured this tv for Dell? I purchased this tv from a Dell store in FL. on Dec. 26, 2005. The Video screen suddenly went blank about 2 weeks ago, and when I went to Dell technical support I was advised that the unit is out of warranty and they gave me the name of a local repair shop in my area. I brought the tv to them and after examination, they contacted Dell to order a replacement board, but were told by Dell that Dell has no replacement parts and to try, what they said was the manufacturer, Philips, to obtain the part. The repair shop informed me that after examining the inside of the unit, the name of Samsung was on most of the parts, particularly on the defective board. The Plasma screen was also made by Samsung. The repair shop is getting no cooperation from either Philips or Samsung.
    Any suggestions?
  • bob_sporrtz,

    They have never told me who the manufacturer is. All I know is we do not repair TVs. We only replace them while under warranty.
  • Doesn't the Federal Trade Commission require companies who manfacture or sell in the US make servicable parts available for 5 years after a products end of life is announced?
  • Yeah, what about that. I used to work for an instrument company and we were require to make parts for capital equipment available for something like 7 years by the FTC. Maybe these sorts of laws got whacked by the former govenor of TEXAS.
  • bob_sporrtz,


    My tv went blank today, no picture, but I do have sound.  Is this what you experienced? 


    I will be contacting Dell Support today as to what can be done, but your post is not very comforting!


    Has your problem been resolved?  Please advise at your earliest convenience so I know wht to expect, any information would be greatly appreciated.




  •    Me too - my 4201C got lines on the top half of the screen a few months after the warranty expired.  I called Dell and they referred me to Decision One - what a rip-off!  I put it in a local TV repair shop here in the Norfolk/VaBeach area.

       The repair shop says it needs a y-main board, a y-buffer and a turner - and that the parts are made by Samsung.  They have called Samsung two weeks ago and they are trying to cross reference the Dell part numbers and identify them and the cost of each.  I don't have much hope that will happen after two weeks and based on what I have read here about Dell TV's.  It goes without saying that I will never buy another DELL product of any kind!!

        I called Dell tech support to confirm that Samsung is the manufacturer - they would not confirm that but said "someone" would email me the info (not received). 

    Has anyone been able to solve the parts problem for the 4201C? 

  • I have the original parts that you need. Let me Know if you are still interested in fix your TV.
  • Thanks ... I am interested in some information on the parts, I sent you a PM on how to contact me.
  • Did you ever find a way to fix your unit, I have the same problem.
  • Rob,

    You may be helped by this instructable showing how to diagnose and fix a w5001 with similar symptoms:


    Sorry this is coming so late, you've probably thrown away your TV already.




  • My dell plasma 4201C first had a problem with the bottom half of the picture. The top was prefect, and bottom half would be scrambled up badly. A gentle tap on the rear of the set would bring the whole picture back. Now the problem has progressed, and the whole picture appears visible but distorted with horizontal and verticle reddish lines. I called an few places and they said the board needed to be replaced. Do you have the original parts needed for repair and at what cost?

  • Do you still have the parts?  my lower Y-board for my 4201C-42"plasma is burned.. short to chasis... thanks  chuck

  • Dell's support and repair are nothing more than buckets of drywall screws, and they are using us as wallboard. This company is so Un American, and I am a 58 yr. old serice connected disabled Vietnam Veteran.  If I want to buy a part for my Plasma TV that is only three years old, then I should be able to buy it and have my local repair shop fix it. This company's practices are illegal, and I know it has to do with the deep pockets they are in. Still there has to be a way to stop this, and I'm going to start trying as of today. Anyone want to join me with their problems, and possible gain strength in our numbers?

  • Rob,

    I have the exact same issue. I unplug the TV and plug it in again and it works fine for a few days. Did you get a response to your problem?  Any assistance would be appreciated.




  • Mark

    My tv eventually went completely black.  My Y-buffer and Main Y-board were shorted.  This seems to be a design flaw and very common. I sent my boards off to a company called iTritek.  I overnighted the boards and had them back and repaired in a week.  Cost around $300 to get fixed but plugged the boards in and worked perfectly.  No new issues.

    Tri Nguyen tri@itritek.com