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  • Well, here I am, trying to find a solution to my W2600 ....will it turn on when I push the power button or remote power on?
    I just received my 3rd W2600 and seem to be having problems with it already. I decided to sign up on the Dell forum to see if others are having the same problem and sure enuf....there goes that theory that it is just me.
    Although I have purchased many Dell products for business and private use (desktops, laps, monitors, hd, ram...yadda...yadda,...yadda, and against advice of others (Dell is only for computers) I made the decision to go with the W2600 because of the good customer support I had received on computer products.
    Fortunately, in addition to the hefty price of the W2600, I purchased a 3 year service contract; however during my lengthy conversations with the call center, I was never advised that there was a problem with the W2600 and now that my 3rd set appears to have the same problem, frustration is beginning to set in. The only TV I own is the W2600 and you can imagine my thoughts when friends (I do have a couple) come over to watch the "game" of will it turn on, will it?
    I have a long term good relationship with Dell and am encouraged by some of the posts. I have messaged ChrisM of Dell and I hope the issue can be resolved.  
  • ilaandden,

    Just in case..

    Please provide me with the following information in a private message, not on the board -
    Shipping address:
    Service tag number (all 3 TVs):
    Order number:
    Customer number:
    Reasons for all 3 TVs:
  • any resolution yet?????
  • I messaged Chris from Dell with the information he requested, but no response as of yet...we have been leaving the set on, but I would hardly call that a solution (trying to smile)...they say patience is a virtue don't they? After Delling with this TV, I need all the virtue I can get...
  • ilaandden,

    I only have your email address and username? Did you private message me the following? If yes, my apologies, do it again.

    Shipping address:
    Order number and/or Service tag number:
  • I am now having the same problem with my W3706.
    My tv does not turn on sometimes and if it does, it shuts itself off after a few minutes.
    I was told to call a repair man to find out what is wrong.
  • Chris,
    I have resubmitted the information on the W2600 to you. I am new to this forum and submitted the information via the friends list and hope that was the properly way to handle it. Thanks for you help in trying to resolve my ongoing situation with the infamous W2600. (trying to smile)
  • ilaandden, All,


    All in and out of warranty TVs with the No Power issue must go through Technical Support to initiate the exchange.

    Tell the technician to look up DSN OST Tools document ID: 329986 (Dell W2306C, W2606C, or W2600 TV Replacement for a No Power Issue), to get details on the in and out of warranty exchange process.

    You will need to provide to them the following information -
    TV Service tag number:
    TV Order number:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Email address:
    Reason: Dell LCD TV has the No Power issue
  • Welllllllll so much for asking for help from the Chris, the Dell forum liaison on my W2600.
    Since my first message to him on September 25, 2007 to my forum post on 9-28-2007) to my resubmit of the resubmit to his forum post (he never did respond to me directly) now we ALL are informed of a NEW POLICY. Hmmmmmmmm, just when did this NEW POLICY take effect?
    Sooooo  the NEW POLICY  seems like the old policy, you know the one where you call Dell technical support, are put on hold numerous times and are told to do a much of goofey stuff when all along they know that the W2600 has some serious problems, but never bother to inform you that we have bought a doomed piece of equipment.
    For all of you out there in W2600 TV land, you have my sincere sympathy. At least I have a service contract, but that does not exempt me from the grief from the infamous W2600.
    Now for my options:
    1.  Get the 3rd W2600 replaced and try to sell number 4 ...and leave out the fact that the W2600 has serious problems....naw that just isn't the right thing to do (is it Dell?)
    2.  Just give away my W2600 and then I do not have to worry about will it, will it, well will it? turn on.
    3. Keep the W2600 and see just how many times the set will fail before the service contract runs out.
    Lesson learned:
    For defective W2600 owners, you already know the lesson learned.
  • just when did this NEW POLICY take effect?
    * It has been in the works for several weeks now. We were just putting the final touches on it.

    Sooooo the NEW POLICY seems like the old policy, you know the one where you call Dell technical support, are put on hold numerous times and are told to do a much of goofey stuff when all along they know that the W2600 has some serious problems.
    * The new policy is totally different. It was written to be very clear to all technical support, if you have the No Power issue on a W2600, W2306C, or W2606C, you qualify for an exchange for up to 3 years after the purchase date.
  • With the advent of the "NEW POLICY", I suspect Dell may have finally come to the conclusion that all of us in W2600 TV land have a valid concern.
    I am sure Dell is at this moment is sending information to all W2600 owners on the "NEW POLICY" so that the average owner (like me) is aware of the procedure we should take when the power issue occurs.
    I very much wonder the scope of the defective W2600 TVs. i.e. of the total sets sold, just how many consumers experienced the "power loss"?  
    If this "power" issue has been corrected, then why have many people experienced the same problem  on their replacement sets?  Just what has Dell  technically done to fix the problem?
    With the three year replacement policy , comes the question of what about the people who paid dearly for a type 11 service contract? Does this mean that if a service contract is involved, the service contract is extended past the 3 year "NEW POLICY" to whatever amount of time the service contract was purchased?
    I suspect that many of us in W2600 TV land can expect a 3 year life cycle on the W2600. This may be what Dell considers a just period of time of life on a TV, but in only my opinion taking in account the price paid for the W2600, I consider it a unhealthy return on investment.
    I await a respone from Dell as to the questions posed from a concerned W2600  TV owner.
  • ilaandden,
    Lucky for you that you have the W2600 that has a way to exchance it.
    I am not so lucky with my W3706. With the same problem with power loss.
    Dell does not have an exchance policy for this model.
    The only way to get this tv working again is to take it to a tv repair place in Hayward CA.
    My experience with Dell has been disappointing.
    Now I am just hoping that my XPS M1330 that I just purchased from them 4 months ago with last longer than 16 months before it does NOT TURN ON....
    Good luck to all DELL owners.
    I am done with them.
  • I have a Dell W2600 and I have experienced the power on problem.  This has been going on for four months and the monitor finally died today.  This was an expensive TV and should last much longer. I called Dell today and was first told that the set would be replaced, and then told that it was a few weeks out of the extended warranty and no replacement was offered.   


    I experienced these problems within the warranty period.  Please provide assistance on this.  

  • vern in PDX:

    Contact Dell again and report the issue exactly as instructed on the following link:


    If you are still having problems after your second contact, please send me a Private Message with your account information.

  • Can you email me?  I do not have your email address.


    I spent another hour on the phone with no resolution.