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W3201 - No Audio to external speakers

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W3201 - No Audio to external speakers

  • Good afternoon! I have a W3201 TV that will not supply sound to the TV speakers and I have done the following: *Factory reset - 10 times+ *held down power button for 10 seconds to manually reset - numerous times *unplugged all video and audio connections and did a factory reset - numerous times *mute is off in main menu *speakers are ON in the main menu The TV will pass audio through the RCA jacks in the back, however the external speakers that came with the TV will not work. I have even used alternative external speakers with and nothing, therefore in my opinion the internal amplifier in the TV is not functioning. Is there a fuse behind the bezel? Can you please assist, i have read numerous threads on this subject and need advanced assistance, thanks! Have a great day! Mike
  • mikea6453,

    Try this and post the results.

    * Turn the TV off
    * Disconnect all cabling from the bottom and sides of the TV
    * Press and hold the Power button in on the TV for 10 seconds
    * Reconnect only the TV power cord, speakers, and your settop cable box to the TV
    * Power the TV on
    * Press the Menu button (On Screen Display)
    * Go to Setup and choose Factory Reset
    * Exit the Menu (On Screen Display)

    Test the sound.
  • I realize that this is an uber old thread, but I've run into this very issue.

    I've tried the steps above to no avail. I'm think something is fried in the TV.

    I had this set on a surround sound system so I had never used its speakers. For all I know, they coud have always been like this. I've since moved it in the bedroom and now need to make use of its own speakers.

    As soon as I click up to 1, the speakers have a loud feedback with no audio from my source. I've tried different wires/cables along with different sources. Nothing. I tried the speakers on their own thinking that it might be them...they work fine. Things break down at the tv.

    Any ideas?