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W3000 does not turn on

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W3000 does not turn on

  • I posted back on 5-28-07 with this problem and I would love to solve this problem. The TV does not power up, I have disconnected the power cable and have waited several hours and then reconnected it, still does not turn on. Any help would be appreciated.
    I have researched this problem on this fourm and hopes are not high as to a solution. I purchased my first new computer from Dell in 1999 and since then have purchased numerious Dell products and have had great success with them. However, this TV is starting to feel like a lemon, after two years of service. I have TV's in my house that are still working after 15 plus years of service. I would expect Dell to provide a product that would last as long as long as the products that they replace.
  • n52923,

    You will need to contact a local repair center. We do not do out of warranty repairs.
  • please call me my name is ken dixon i am in arizona 520 407 6799.  did you get your W3000 lcd tv fixed.
  • Ken, I spent yesterday morning or most of it talking with Dell. First with a Service Tech, Then Customer Service and Then Customer Care. The tech ran me through a series of test on the TV and then told me it was out of warranty. He told me that I could send it to a repair shop or Dell would give me a special price on a new one. I told him that neither solution was acceptable. He then told me that Dell had offered a replacement TV on the model W3000 for the no power issue, but that offer expiered in July. I then told him that my problem started in May and I had posted the problem on this Forum.He said this Forum is not a part of Dell and I should have reported the problem to Dell so that they would have a record of the problem. I also told him that it had been posted on this site that Dell was replacing the TV's with the no power problem up to 3 years after the purchase date. I was passed on. After repeating my story for the third time and after several conference calls Dell agreed to replace my TV. I would suggest that anyone with a W3000 should contact Dell ASAP and try to get a possitive resolution.
    Good luck
    PS.   Chris M responded to my post and not to my PM and said Dell does not repair out of warranty TV's.
    In my opinon Dell should recall all of these sets and either repair or replace them, Dell's reputation is on the line. The more I look the more digruntled folks thier are out there.
  • September  24, I received a email from dell stating that my case had been resolved. I emailed back, asking how my case was resolved.
    On Sept. 28, Dell notified me that they resolved my case by canceling my replacement. Their reason was the set was nolonger under warranty. I then wrote the case manager a lenghty response expressing my disspleasue with Dell.
  • As I read all of the no power issues with the Dell W3000, it makes me very angery. Dell has replaced 2 SX270 Mother Boards that were out of warranty, with no problems and great service.
    After three months of searching I was able to narrow down the no power issue with my W3000. The problem is in the power board. I dissmantled my set and after close inspection and the discovery of a liquid floating on one of the heat disapaters, the liquid came from a blown transformer. The power board is made by IPT Research Co, LTD in Korea. The part number is IPL30-DL. However, they don't list this part number on thier site. This must be a exclusive part to Dell. I would  like to point out that car makers in this Country and car makers who sell in this County must make parts available for thier cars. I don't know how Dell can sell a TV and not make the parts available.
    I did do a search on Micheal Dell and read his business philosophy and I almost barfted. He must be oblivious to this issue. I also read that Wachovia Bank is a major supporter in Dell's Stock. For those of you interested, I would post this issue on Micheal Dell's Blog and also email Wachovia and tell them of the this issue.
    Dell has recconized the problem with the Bad Caps on thier Motherboards and has gone the extra mile in getting them replaced at no expence to the customer and has done so for out of warranty computers.
    Today I got a new power board for my TV, from a person that want's to remain anominious and has no connection to Dell, installed the board and Walla I have a TV again. 
  • March 2012.  This is late coming but at least it is an easy work-around for those whose Dell 3000TV comes on with sound but no picture.

    Do the following:  1) turn the set OFF

                                    2) Blow hot air down into the vent slots on the top right side . Do this for about 10 seconds with the hair drying on high.

                                   3) Turn the set ON and enjoy!

          Whether the backlights ( CCFL tubes) will ignite is mainly a function of age, inverter voltage, and temperature.

    I found that my TV would not come on with video at or below 69 degrees F as measured with a temperaure probe inserted in the cavity a few inches above the slave inverter on the right hand side as you face the set. 

    At 70 degrees it would turn on properly about 50% of the time

    At 72 degrees or warmer it  turns on properly 100% of the time.

    In lieu of using the hair dryer , I am thinking of installing a 2 or 3 watt heater (Yes, 3 little watts) inside the case just above the slave inverter to see if this will maintain the temperature in there a few  degrees above our room temp of 68 degs.   FYI the temp inside the case rises to and setlles at about 122 deg F after a couple hours of viewing time.

  • I have had the same issue for years...just hold the power button on for several seconds at a time. If it does not power up turn off and repeat. It may take a few tries but eventually it will turn on.