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  • I have had this TV for a year and a half (long enough for the warranty to run out) with no problems at all till....wednesday night i was watching baseball and the screen suddenly went black but the tv still had power (the blue light on the power button was still burning). I thought it was a mishap so i simply powered the tv off and then back on. The tv started right back up but then about an hour later the screen went black again. I again powered the tv off and back on. This time it only took 30 mins for the tv to go black. It has repeated this cycle since that day. I can watch tv for a while till the tv gets "hot" and then the screen goes black. I can cut the tv off and back on again immediately and it works fine for a bit but sooner than later the screen goes black.  Does anyone know what could be going on and how much its going to cost to fix this problem?? Its not the cable does it did the same thing when i was playing my PS2. Thanks for you help. 
  • My W4201C started showing those signs two weeks ago except that before the screen goes black, there are one or two narrow horizontal bands with TV programming showing through. Lately, another symptom has started up: the entire lower half of the screen goes black. Temperature does not seem to be a factor: it happens when the TV is both hot or just warm. When this happens, we turn the TV off for 5 minutes of so and when we turn it back on, everything is normal until it happens again. We also have had our TV for 1 1/2 years. We bought the extended warranty so they are going to replace it for us and I must say that the support person was very nice. But I am somewhat anxious over what they will replace it with. Another time bomb?
    If I were a PhD candidate at Harvard Business School, I would be on my hands and knees pleading to let them base my thesis on this company's efforts to get into the TV market. I would devote much of it to examining the concept of customer loyalty as a depletable asset.
    Sorry about answering your request for help with a rant. At least you know that pretty much all the models are cheap and not just the one you picked out.

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  • No lines at all on my screen before it goes blank. It just simply goes blank.
    I just want Dell to stand behind there product and not make me pay to fix my tv...when it seems like EVERY DELL TV IS TERRIBLE!!!! I just cant get any help from customer service except send it to some company they keep referring me to. If i did that it would be around $200 SHIPPING both ways plus whatever the company would charge me to fix it!!!!! I have had plenty of DELL computers with no trouble at all. I bought this tv going on my previous experience with the company and man am i getting walked on big time!!!!
    No worries about answering with a rant.
  • dmb12984,

    Have you tried all of the inputs on the back of the TV to see if the issue is on them all?

    * Turn the TV off
    * Disconnect all cabling from the back and sides of the TV
    * Press and hold the Power button in on the TV for 10 seconds
    * Reconnect the TV power cord and your settop cable box to the TV
    * Power the TV on
    * Press the Menu button
    * Go to Setup and choose Factory Reset
    * Exit the Menu (On Screen Display)

    During all of this, what appears on the screen?

    Please provide me with the following information in a private message, not on the board -
    Shipping address:
    Service tag number:
    Order number:
  • Now I feel bad about the things I said. Yes, the sets are cheap and yes Dell did not exactly play fair but they do now value loyalty and this is a good example of it.
  • CHRISM...still waiting for you PM response sir concerning my DELL TV???
  • dmb12984,

    PMed you.
  • Here is an update,
    ChrisM tried to set up a exchange but it got kicked back since my warranty is up. DELL is still trying to make me pay for the repairs to there sorry TV. I like many others have tons of DELL products around the house and in the office.
  • Yup that'll be Dell, they do have a repair service though, power light on  and sound? and no picture sounds like the backlight inverter or the lights themselves..
  • Sorry for not updating you guys...i got a refurbished w3201c from dell in the mail a week ago...so far so good!!!
  • dmb12984,

    Glad to hear you got your problem solve and I hope this set lasts you a lifetime. I've got the same issue with mine and haven't been able to get anything done about it. Was hoping ChrisM could do the same...
  • Hate to dig up an old post, but I just picked one of these up out of layaway and it turns out its doing the same thing. What exactly is the problem since there are posts all over the internet about it yet no answers as to what is causing it. :-(

  • Mine just went blank this morning. The sound went out during year 2 (fried soundboard), which is typical for this TV. I bought a surround sound system and plugged the speakers into that to get sound back. Now at year 4 the picture dies. I found an old post with links to repair companies that are not DecisionOne and I've placed a help ticket with them. We'll see how it goes when they call. 

    Personally this is the end of my relationship with Dell. I have an old Windows 3.1 computer from Dell that still works (not using it, but hey) as well a 6 year old dimension still in use, but it looks like quality and service have dropped considerably in the last 4 to 5 years. 

    Dear Dell, 

    Your TV experiment failed and you KNOW that because you're not selling them any more. However, the people that trusted that when you put the Dell logo on something you would stand by it are left with expensive unusable equipment. You really should be ashamed. Make parts available and let local repair companies get some business from your fiasco.