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Digital audio output ports; both coaxial and optical, don't seem to be working on my W3706MC TV

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Digital audio output ports; both coaxial and optical, don't seem to be working on my W3706MC TV

  • I am trying to connect my Dell tv to a Sony AV home theatre receiver. All is well if I connect the digital audio from the cable box or the DVD player directly to the receiver in different input ports however I can only route the digital 5.1 Sony headphones through one of these, so I tried to connect the optical output on the TV (connector 6 on the instructions) direct to the AV System so all the sound goes through only one digital output from the TV to the AV and pass the signal through the headphones. I don't get any sound. Then I thought perhaps I'd connect the headphones (which have both an optical output and input for passthrough) to the Dell's optical output so that I could use headphones independent of the pass through. I don't get any sound there either. I am not sure why the digital optical output is not working for either of these options. If I leave it as it is, with digital audio going direct from the DVD or cable box to the receiver, then I'll only be able to use the headphones with the cable box (because of the pass through function). Can you offer me any solutions? I tried to get both coaxial out and optical out on the TV to work with the AV system. Neither did; I tried both kinds of connectors. What I don't know is if there is any way to make this digital outputs on the TV to function through the settings within the menu.

    I've seen some discussions about the ATSC tuner being involved and that somehow it just doesn't work to try to connect the digital output to anything. If that's the case, why are they there and what can you connect either of those ports to if not a digital receiver or headphones?
  • Digital audio output from the TV is only available when an HDTV (digital) signal is delivered to the TV. It does not create a digital audio output from an NTSC (analog) input.
    I suspect the cable box is only necessary to convert the HDTV (digital) signal to NTSC (analog) for use with non-digital TVs that cannot process HDTV. Presuming you have digital service, try connecting it directly to the TV, eliminating the cable box.
  • I have a digital cable box connected to the TV with digital connectors and a DVD player connected with digital connectors. Everything is digital going in. Nothing is coming out of the digital optical or coaxial ports.
  • 7 years have passed since this post.

    After my Dell speakers, tired, died; I am trying to connect a sound bar - bought on - and here it: digital out is not working and still no solution have been found to this problem?