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  • Just got off the line with ridiculous customer support. My TV doesn't turn on. They tell me it cannot be fixed. But it can be replaced. For $999. Or $899. Or $600. Depending on how long you bellyache. A  $1499 TV that lasted 17 months and cannot be fixed. What a deal. What a rip.
  • there are many thread on here about the w2600 just do a search.  or scroll down
  • Yes the W2600 seems to have a life of only about 14months before the dreaded power problem creeps up.

    My first w2600 first started to exhibit the no power problem approx 35days after the 1yr. I was "fortunate" to be able to buy a 3yrs extended before the tv finally kicked the bucket for good.

    My original rev03 w2600 was replaced with a rev05 refurb w2600 in early Feb2006
    it has been working fine until yesterday!
    as usual i use the TV as a computer monitor from 1700-2300 each weekday. From 0600 to 0730 i watch cable TV on it. After each use i just let it go to sleep.

    yesterday i start up the Dim8400 and when i come back i notice the screen is blank.
    oh noes not this again. I had to unplug it and i did get it going again. but i suspect this is the start of the power problem creeping up again. I am hoping it was just a windows XP glitch...I dread the thot of going thru all that rigamorol again(shipping old one back-customer service-waitng for purolator) ..just want a TV\monitor that works fer peets sake. Atleast i am covered by the ext warr until Dec2008.

    This morning the TV worked fine..will see how it goes tonite.
  • I have a new one coming right now (It is a 2606c I hear from others that have replaced thiers so I will miss PIP)
    I would shut yours off every night if you still have warranty.  No use in trying to get it to live past the warranty.
  • They are sending you a 2606c to replace your defective w2600?

    as for the pic in pic issue. It was reported here that someone got a 32in tv to replace the 2600 as they needed pic in pic and the 32in has that feature. It was stated that the warranty states they have to replace with better or equal features. so if you really want pic in pic i would push for that.

    as for turning off my tv when not in use, good point. Why "baby" the tv if i am covered until Dec'08. If it was being used as a full time TV i would be shutting it off every nite. So i will "torture test" it (funny that just using it as it is intended i am considering it torture :) )
  • lol.  Torture
    I just checked and I am getting a 2600.  I'm happy with that.  Another person that had the same problem just got a 2606c though. 
    My account says I'm getting a 2600 so we will see. 
  • Different user, same story.
    Bought a 2606C last August.
    Had power problems.
    Exchanged it in December.
    Received a refurbished 2606C which started having the power problems.
    Called Dell Tech Support. 
    Was told that the monitor is out of warranty and they don't repair TV's with that problem.
    Out of luck.
  • That doesn't make sense - you should have a 1 year warranty.

  • Sorry.  I should have said that I bought the TV used in August.  It was sold originally in April/May.
  • Ahh, so it's another just out of warranty failure...like a growing group of customers, you seem to be stuck.

  • I have the same issue.
    I purchased a w2600 in June of 05. In Nov 05 I had to call and get a replacement because the tv just stopped turning on.
    Now the replacement will not power on. I called Dell and they are sending me another TV. I called just in time because my warranty runs out in 2 weeks.
    I called back today to tech support to request a warranty extension on the replacement monitor. The guy was nice and documented everything I said, but only to refere to customer service Monday. (Tomorrow) So I plan on calling them tomorrow and demand my warranty be extended for another year.
    As many people as are effected by this power problem, you would think they would want to avoid a class action law *u know what* (they wouldn't let me type that word!) and take care of their customers and their obvious problem.
    I'll update you on the call tomorrow.
  • Well, just got off the phone with customer care after an hour of arguing.

    I explained that I'm on my 3rd W2600 with only15 days left on my original warranty. I only requested that dell guarantee the replacement for 1 year by extending the warranty.
    The girl I spoke with must have been reading from a script because the only thing she could say is "we are sorry sir, we do not have the ability here to offer the extended warranty, you must contact the warranty dept." I told her I didn't want to buy a new warranty, I wanted Dell to extend the warranty and back their defective product. She replys "so you don't want to purchase an extended warranty?" At this point I asked her if I was being "PUNK'D", but she didn't get the sarcasim.  She then said she could offer me a $50 coupon in which I could use towards purchasing an extended warranty. I asked how much the extended warranty was and she said she didn't know. (how conveniant) I then asked her to call the warranty dept. while I waited on hold and find out. After being on hold for about 10 minutes she came back and said she was still trying to reach a representative in the warranty dept. I said "not that easy huh?". She didn't get the sarcasim then either. Finally she got warranty on the phone who proceeded to tell me that it would cost $93.34 to extend the warranty for 1 year. I wasn't buying. So I told the warranty lady "NO" and got her off the line and back to the original lady. I explained over and over and over the issue and I finally said "since the TV doesn't work, I want to return it for a refund". She said " you want to return it and buy a new Dell TV?" I said "I wouldn't buy a Dell Waterhose if I was on fire!" So anyway, she said she couldn't do that so I demanded to be transfered to her boss. So.... After a few more minutes of waiting, "David" comes on the phone and offers me a $75 coupon. I'm thinking, I should just take it and pay the difference for the warranty. So I specifically ask "I can take the $75 coupon and apply it towards an extended warranty right?" To which he says "NO, you can only use it to purchase new Dell products." WHAT?!!! The other lady tried to get me to take the $50 towards the warranty and now you say I can't even us it for that?!!!"
    He begins to tell me how he knows the new TV will work fine. So I ask him to guarantee it by extending the warranty and around and around we go. Finally I ask to speak to someone above him. He says he will have his supervisor call my within 24 hours.


  • Look on the back of it.  if it says rev 05 you most likely have a good one.  otherwise worry.
  • The one that is DEAD is REV A05 (same power problem as the first)
  • Wow, that makes me nervous.  Thanks.  I'll be turning mine on and off every time I use it til the warranty runs out...