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[Latitude d620] VGA-out to TV (s-video? composite?)

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[Latitude d620] VGA-out to TV (s-video? composite?)

  • I'm wondering if I can use my VGA-out to connect to my television. I was told in a couple of pc-cable stores that the signal needs to be "composite". Or that the VGA-out needs to be NTSC capable.
    Can I use a cable like this:
    on my latitude d620 to connect to my television?
    Thanks in advance!
  • thats the cable i am looking for. do you know what it is called and where i can buy it ??
  • Hello,

    i have a Latitide D620 and i would like to connect VGA output on my PAL television.

    Do you know if that cable adapter works, and where i can buy it (in internet)?

    Thanks in advance
  • Hello there! Not sure how long you posted your question, but I am trying to do the exact same thing and have not yet found a connector for my tv. I have cables that allows me to plug in a computer that has s-video or composit video to my PAL TV, but no place to plug them into my Latitude d620.


    Have you had any luck finding the answer since posting your question?


    I had recently bought a tv in the US that had the monitor cable plug in... boy that was easy! Now, in Europe, all that I have found for cables require the computer to have the s-video or composite video plug.


    Crossing my fingers that you or someone has some advice.


    Thank you.

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