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Family of Dell LCD TV's That Don't Power On Including Mine

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Family of Dell LCD TV's That Don't Power On Including Mine

  • Dear Dell Customer Service,

    I'd just like to air a high level of frustration and express my considerable bewilderment when considering my issue with my Dell LCD TV w3207c, and its cousins the w2600 and the w3000.  My tv will not power on.  When I plug it in I can here the relay click but it will not power on, the power button light shines blue for a few seconds and then immediately goes to blinking amber while the tv remains off.  The manual says that indicates it is in stand by mode.  After doing some research I found my tv's symptoms are identical to the same issues the W2600 had on a massive scale, and also the W3000 on a smaller scale.  My misfortune, much like other dell owners, is that this issue began happening immediately after my warranty ran out.  I purchased this tv 3 and a half years ago, and was happy with it until about a year ago when it just stopped turning on.  I managed to semi salvaging it for a while longer by merely unplugging for a day after I used it although even that no longer works.  I've narrowed to issue down to a defective power delivery unit, burnt out capacitor, or a defective stand by lead.  Those are the most common themes from this ongoing issue that has plagued several Dell Tv models.  The w3207c seems to not have sold very well since it is very hard to locate any of them being sold new/used or for parts.  Additionally, the few posts I have found that discuss issues with the w3207c have been related to power issues. 

    Dell customer service tried troubleshooting to no avail, and has since referred me to an overpriced repair shop who would charge me over $300 dollars just to figure out the issue let alone repair it.  A new 1080p t.v. goes for $450 dollars with the same dimensions.  It is illogical, and inconceivable that someone would pay nearly that amount to a repair a tv that comes from a manufacturer with a reputation for making televisions and monitors with power issues.  The foreign customer service further complicates matters when I've managed to phone them seeking a solution.  All I want is some accountability since my ideal solution would be to get my tv fixed at a reduced cost or get a new one seems so unmanageable by the international Dell corporation.  It would be comforting if others that view this thread could chime in with their horror storries, involving power issues so we can stand in solidarity. 

    Thank you

    Carlos J.

  • Carlos,

    Did you have any luck with Dell? I am having the same issues and frustrations. At this point I will NEVER by another Dell product.

  • No, Dell customer service is as equally worthless as their tv's.  I did find a work around though.  I isolated the issue to a defective capacitor or at least a defective cpu which is causing the capacitor to not charge properly.  Finding it impossible to find a comparable capacitor and expensive to switch out the cpu, I empirically determined the fault lies in the capacitor discharging before trying to turn the television on which leaves it providing low power to the tv confusing the cpu into switching into standby mode,  it's that or due to the television remaining plugged in the capacitor never fully charges.  The good news is I found a work around.  In order to prevent the capacitor from leaking charge through the power plug, I disconnect the power cable every time i turn it off.  The second step is to buy a surge protector with an on/off switch and connect the power cable to that.  Third step is to make sure that before you plug the power cable back into the tv you set the power switch set to off for the surge protector.  This prevents the capacitor from discharging due to the closed circuit.  I then hit the on switch on the surge protector, charge flows into and out of and into and out of (i.e., A.C. power) but it instantly charges the capacitor with enough charge that the TV comes on, (i.e., you'll see the DELL logo).  When the logo turns off hit the on switch immediately after.  Problem solved.  I must add that while this sounds tedious it takes me 30 seconds.  I now enjoy tv whenever I want while saving electricity.

  • Thanks for the advice! Just to clarify, I need a surge protector with an on/off switch, but can you run through the steps more clearly for me? 




    Lastly, what brand/model surge protector did you use?

    Thanks again for all of your help! If only Dell was as helpful.... 

  • Any surge protect with a switch will do, but buy UL rated because they actually work they way they are supposed to. 


    Step 1:  Unplug your TV and give it at least an hour without it being plugged in.

    Step 2:  Plug your surge protector into your power outlet and make sure the switch is set to off. 

    Step 3:  Plug in the tv power cord only into the surge protector, without it being connected to the tv. 

    Step4:  With the surge protector still set to the off switch plug in your power cord to the tv.

    Step5:  Flip the switch to on on your surge protector.

    Step6:  The tv will flicker and display the DELL logo for about 3 seconds and wait until immediately after the logo disappears and hit the on switch. 

    Step 7:  If my assumptions are correct, your television will turn on and remain on. 

    Read up on capacitors, it might give some insight into the issue.  This is a common problem for LCD tvs.  I imagine that the charge from the capacitor is moderated in a sense for different functions. 

  • Oops forgot to put the steps to turn off:


    Step 8:  (For turning off) Unplug power cord from tv and NOT the surge protector.

    Step 9: (for turning back on) Set surge protector switch to off.  With power cord plugged into surge protector, plug it back into tv.  The DELL logo will come on wait till it after it immediately disappears to hit on switch on tv.  The tv should flicker back on.

  • I know this thread is a bit old, but I'm having the same problem.  It is nearly impossible to find help for this issue, especially from Dell!  They are ridiculous!  

    I am hoping you are still out there and able to answer!

    If you are, if the amber light is blinking, could it be ANYTHING else that you know of?  It just sounds so darn tedious to go thru that whole process every time you want to watch tv!  And if you're like me, you watch in bed and set the timer!  At this point, the tv is 7 years old - I guess that's old by today's standards!  But man did we pay A LOT of money for that heap of trash!  Dell stinks.

  • on the power supply board there is a upright small board on the right hand side. replace capacitor C301, with exact replacement.  This should solve your problem, it solved mine.