How do I get my TV Tuner to recognize and play your  HD PREMIUM CHANNELS in Windows Media Center? I have Vista Premium and Broadband Cable,  My system is an Ispiron Desktop 530S with a WinTv HVR-1250 TV Tuner, BUT my TV Tuner will not play any of the Encoded Premium Channels! My Tuner says It will receive OVER THE AIR - CLEAR QUAM DIGITAL CABLE TV and ATSC DIGITAL HDTV as well as Analog Channels, but I'm trying to watch my Premium Channels through Cable Feed. Of course everything my Cable Company sends is Encrypted. So after much research I realized that what I probably needed was a CABLE CARD from my ISP(Comcast), so I had them send out a Tech to install the CableCard but found out that there is no place to install the card. Tech will not go into CPU. So, does anyone know what my next step should be or have any suggestions or any options I might try?