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Can't get a full Screen picture on a Vizio 42inch

  • To all Vizio Hdtv owners. I need help. I don't know if its the VCR-DVD combo or the HDTV. I have already talked to a tech and he saids that is the way it is on HDMI 2 and you have to run in wide mode to tape TV shows. In that mode the picture is distorted really bad. Here is what i got right now. I stoped by walmart yesterday and they have a Combo for $178. but I don't know if that will work or not. Any one out here that has a Vizio 42 inch HDTV and has a VCR-DVD combo hooked up and doesn't have a problem let me know what kind you got. Thank you all here is what i have.

    i have a Sony RDR-VX560 DVD-VCR and hooked up to a Vizio SV420XVT my HDMi hook up works great playing a DVD. But when i try to tape a show off the tv my HDMI 2 has BARS on the top and bottom. I Try everything change cable here and there even took out the HDMi cable and just used the Video cable and S-video. Nothing works. the other day i don't know what i did but i had a full screen on the HDMI 2 and 1 but my receiver box shut down and started back up now i can't remember what i did it is killing me. I tape a TV show but i have use the wide format and the actor look bad fat from the waist down. I called Vizio yesterday 5 Feb and the tech told me thats the way it is and i have to live with it is that a true answer. Is there someway you can check this out for me. if i have to buy another DVD player i will but first i would love to know it is going to work.

  • golfwalt49:

    What format do you have it on when you are recording?

    On your remote, hit the "Wide" button.  This button cycles through the available screen formats. The options are Zoom, Panoramic, Normal and Wide.


  • Thanks Chris for the info, I here that a lot, i sent you a reply per the email but i will reply here also, on my remote i have wide and zoom, but yesterday i found something, I don't know what happen but on the now Hdtv channels, if i partial zoom in on them which i do to get a full screen picture i get a full screen on Hdmi 2 and its a good pic, Also it remembers which non Hdtv channels have the zoom, I was just changeing channels yesterday and found this out. I had speed on zoom and with to another channel for something can't remember for what but it wasn't a Hdtv channel, it had bars on the sides. so i with to the golf channel and it was in Hdtv and look great not zoomed in it was in normal. I watched it for a while then switch back to speed and it was still in partial zoom. I then with to the amc channel which isn't HDtV and partial zoom in on it and went back to the golf channel again. Waited for about 15 mins. Switched back to speed and then amc they both stayed in partial zoom woo woo. it was great. Then to my amaze i don't know why i did it but i turned on my DVD player and switched to Hdmi 2. Guess what Speed and AMC had wide screen pictures without me doing anything. So i swith to the golf channel which comes in Hdtv and on Hdmi 1 it was wide screen but on Hdmi 2 it had Bars on top and bottom. Well cut a long story short, I then started thinking maybe this TV has a mind of its own, so while i had the golf channel on i started to play with OSM and went to the Picture part of it, where it has the ajustments for the V for the H and for something else. I ajusted the V so i didn't have the bars on the top and bottom on Hdmi 2. Picture didn't look to bad not reall good but not bad too. Switched back over to Hdmi 1 to see if it messed up the picture on it but it didn't seem to change anything. it looked pretty good. Now i just need to fine tune so ajustment on the V and H on the OSM. I hope everyone who has the Vizio Reads this because it works.

    Also i have a tech or repair man coming out today Thurs 19 Feb to change something for the sound because my speakers Pop and voices makes funney noises don't know how to explain it. So they are going to replace something LOL watch it mess up settings. One more thing i found a site where a guy went thur all the setting explaining them and offering ajustments to make my Hdtv look even better but i can't remember the site. If you have any numbers on the ajustement that would help me out please let me know like on the colors, and the ajustment where the people freeze up for a sec. I know i am not explaining it very well but where you don't get a still pic in a fast moving action part of the movie.