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PC not reading my camera's memory card

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PC not reading my camera's memory card

  • Please help,

    Recently my Dimension 4550 stopped reading my Canon Camera's memory card.  When linked to my PC with a USB cable the PC detects the camera but does not allow me access to the photos on the card.  I have eliminated this problem being associated with the camera as it works perfectly on my works PC, and I even double checked by bringing home the works camera (which happens to be the same make and model) and the same problem occured with the works camera.

    I have been able to access the photos with no problems since I got the camera 1 year ago.  Just around Xmas 2008 the problem began with no apparent reasons.

    If anyone has experienced the same problem I would be greatful to hear from you with a solution.


  • Jinglis28:

    You might try backing up the data on the card, formatting it within the Camera, then trying again.  Switch USB ports maybe or reboot the computer with the camera on and attached via USB.

    If those fail, you might try performing a system restore on your computer and roll back to a date when the card was reading it correctly.

  • Cheers Chris,

    Tried formatting the card in the camera, tried switching USB ports, tried rebooting the PC with the camera still attached and still unsuccessful.

    As I aint no expert I'm not to sure what you mean by performing a system restore and rooling back to a previous date.

    In any case, I purchased a "USB2.0 to All-in-1 Card Reader" on E-bay for £3....delivered!!  Couldn't believe how cheap it was and it works perfectly.

    Thanks again


  • Jinglis:

    Glad to hear you got it working.

    By system restore, refer to the following:

    What is System Restore?

    It's useful at times when you have sudden software problems and you can't figure out what changed within the system.

  • "Tried formatting the card in the camera, tried switching USB ports" It's a good choice to check your pc/camera. To me, just restore your system and try a 3.5 all in one card reader . Remember backup your important data before format card. Last time, I bought a  3.5 Card Reader sata . It works well, although it is not a brand one.