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installing a firewire card

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installing a firewire card

  • I've just bough a mini dv camcorder which has both a dv and a usb connector. I assumed video footage could be downloaded to pc by usb but it seems I need a firewire port which i don't have. I'm not convinced about opening up my computer to do it myself - is it really very simple as I'd be inclined to get someone to do it for me. It says in instructions that the usb is for transferring still pictures and when i connected it to computer nothing happened, would that be because i haven't taken any stills? I would have thought it would have powered up anyway. Haven't yet got the sd card needed for storing stills.
  • It's pretty easy to install a PCI firewire card--you just push it into an available PCI slot. So, before you buy one, you need to look in your computer and make sure that you have an unused PCI slot. Or, take it to a store like Best Buy or CompUSA buy the card and they will install it for you. I would guess that with no SD card in the camera, it won't show anything.

  •     Ok, seeing as you're smart enough to use the internet you should be able to install a firewire card:smileyhappy:. The reason why you can't download it through usb is that mini dv camcorders "best video cameras for editing video" stream the video from the tape to the computer's hard-drive. This basically means a 30 min video you take will take 30 min to get from your camcorder to your computer "a small price to pay for how easy this will make editing in the end". Now "sorry for ranting about that" I will explain how to install a firewire card. First step is to buy one. I bought this card from bestbuy. It is cheap and works perfect "plug and play". Now to install it just open up your computer case and plug it into the white slot "the pci slot". After you do this just close your case up turn your computer on and your good to go. To double check that the card installed correctly though, click start, right click my computer, go to properties, then click the hardware tab, click device manager, then if something says IEEE 1394 in the list that means everything worked perfectly.:smileyhappy:.
        Now I know this may be a bit much information and you may not know how to open up your computer case. If you tell me the model number of your computer though I can send you a link on how to install a pci "firewire" card for your system.
             Good Luck,
    PS: In order to use the picture mode through usb on your camcorder you must enable it to the memory stick mode/picture mode "can be called different things depending on the camcorder company. To do this refer to your manual or tell me the model number of your camcorder and I can tell you myself.:smileyhappy:

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    Message Edited by xpsruler on 01-04-200708:45 PM

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I have a dell dimension 8400. The camcorder in question is a jvc gr-d370ek. When you say footage should download in real time through usb, i have about a minute just for testing out, so should it not automatically transfer to the hard drive when i connect it?
  •     First I need to let you know that the video does transfer in real time but only in using firewire "as usb doesn't have the bandwith". The usb port is for pictures. Firewire must be used for videos. It won't automatically go to your hard drive when you plug it in though so I'll explain how you can do it. First plug your camera in using the firewire cord and turn your camera to play mode. Since I'm assuming you don't have adobe premier elements or pinnacle studio etc. use windows movie maker " if you have windows xp you'll have it". Then using windows movie maker click capture from video device. Then pick the settings you want capture it, edit it, then save it to your hard drive " you should be able to figure out how to do this as the program is simple and explains what each option does".
        Well that's how you transfer video. For transfering pictures hereis a link to your camera's manual. For installing a pci "firewire" card in your system here

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    is a link for that. Finally this is the card I use and it works perfectly. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.:smileyhappy:
                     Good Luck,
  • Thanks for your help, much appreciated!
  • Glad to have helped:smileyhappy:.
  • Xpsruler, I read your post. You seem very smart concerning the firewire card. I installed one on my Dimension 4700 desktop. In device manager it says "card cannot start".  Can you please help me. I have 3 yrs worth of video I'd like to put on dvd. I am at my wits end.



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    I installed one on my Dimension 4700 desktop.  In device manager it says "card cannot start".


    What make/model card did you buy/fit? 

    Are you sure you've seated the card properly?  Have you installed any drivers/software you got with the card?


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  • It is a Belkin Firewire 3-port PCI card. It's supposed to be a plug and play. The card is seated properly.  Didn't come with drivers/software.

    Instruction manual says   Hardware wizard will launch and recognize the IEEE 1394 PCI card as a "texas instuments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller"