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What type of CD to use for photo's.

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What type of CD to use for photo's.

  • I have a 8250 with a 32X CD-RW/DVD Combo-I know what to use for music CD's from reading the posts. I have a lot of old, old photo's newspaper stuff that I want to scan and burn on a CD. What is the best type to use for this. Can I scan right to the CD> I've never used a burner before but I want to work on it this weekend before my 30 days are up to make sure everything works. Thanks.
  • You can use either CDR or CDRW disks.  If you are using Easy CD Creator:

    Format the CDRW using Direct CD.  People are having problems formatting with Direct CD.  Brand and speed of disk may be factors.  My new CDRW/DVD would not format 1X-4X CDRWs.  I had to go to 4X-12X.  You can add, delete, and edit a CDRW.  Others may not be able to read your CDRW.

    WIth a CDR, do not format with Direct CD.  Move you photos over to the CDR.  You are limited to what you can do once you have burned the CDR.  Mostly compatible with other machines.

    I have not sent photos directly from my scanner to a CD, but should be possible.

  • Hello-To backup my photos, I burn a data CD. Just about any software will do this. I download photos from my digital camera to my computer's hard drive. Then, I back up the photos(usually in a folder) to a CD-RW. When the CD-RW is full of photos, I make a CD-R copy, erase the CD-RW and start again. You can skip the CD-RW step and go right to CD-R.
  • For photos or any other important data, I strongly recommend that you do not use DirectCD!!!

    There is nothing wrong with the program or CD-RW media however there are reliability problems with all UDF writing.

    I use it weekly to carry things back and forth to work and have only lost data once. Needless to say I never trust it with the only copy of anything I value.

    There is only ONE safe method to use with important data. You set up a folders on your PCs HD and collect them until you have enough to fill a CD. Then you create a Data CD in one session, Finalizing it. Make two of them. You don’t store the two CDs in the same place.

    CD-R media has the highest rating for long term storage. CD-RW is nearly as long and is generally more robust when it comes to mishandling. Still I use CD-R media.

    Multi-Session and UDF are ‘tricks’ when it comes to optical media, thus are more prone to failure.
  • You could also create a CDR and leave it open to add more as required.  The thing about waiting until you can fill a CDR, is the possibility that you will have a hard drive crash and lose your photos with no backup.
  • Thanks for all the advice-I will give it a shot this weekend.
  • I agree with Jim Hardin and Haran.  I distrust all packet writing software (this is not a Roxio thing; I don't like Direct CD, File CD, etc.).  CDR blanks are inexpensive enough and mastering is far more reliable.

    There are also a number of products out there that make digital albums.  Once you get into it, you might want to try them (e.g., Flip Album, Flip Album Pro, CompuPic Pro, etc.).