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Problem burning dvd using Pinnacle Studio 8

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Problem burning dvd using Pinnacle Studio 8

  • I am using Pinnacle Studio 8 moviebox DV. Capturing and editing captured video is a breeze. Creating AVI's and MPEG's is no problem. The two issues arise when trying to burn a DVD.

    1 - when trying to create a DVD image to disk using the make movie->disc->settings->output format->dvd I get a "studio program file has encountered a problem and needs to close" dialogue box. When I dismiss the dialogue box Studio shuts down without creating the disk image.

    2 - when I try to burn directly to disc I get either a "disc burning failed with unknown error" or "incorrect media type error". However, I can burn using the same drive and media with Sonic MyDVD with no problems.

    Software - Pinnacle Studo 8 version

    Hardware - DELL Dimension XPS - Pentium 4 - 3.0GHZ with HT technology - 2GB DDR SDRAM - 256mb DDR ATI Radeon 9600 XT graphics card - 120mb serial ATA hard drive - TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E (8X DVD+R/RW CD-RW Combination drive)

    Thanks for any help,



  • You may wanna download the upgrade of Studio 8, or try creating a DVD file first and burn using Roxio or Nero. I think the Pinnacle website has a patch and upgrade for Studio 8 regarding DVD burning.

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  • You may want make sure you have the "render as backgound task" check off.  I had problems with this option.  If you are past rendering and are just try to burn, make sure you have enough  hard disk space.  It is preferable that you have a seperate hard drive for temp files.  Even if burning directly to disk it will still be writing temp files.

    Finally, check the pinnacle studio website.   

  • where is the option located to turn off background rendering ?
  • Setup...Edit...

    I have background rendering off and hardware acceleration on.   You may need to play with these settings to get the right combo.


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  • I had the same problem, after 3 days of searching for an answer I found out that you have to turn the "auto insert" option off, this will solve your problem. In Windows XP you have to do this in the registry.

    first type "regedit" in the file run box.


    Right click AUTORUN and type a 0 instead of the 1.

    Reboot your computer.


  • I'm also having the same problem with my Dell 4600 P4 2.6 with HT, 512 RAM, 80GB HDD, 128MB GeForce 5200 Graphics card, and 8X DVD+RW with the Pinnacle Version 8.8.  I just bought the system on Dec. 20th, 2003.  I've tried to turn off auto-insert using regedit as well as turn on hardware acceleration (background rendering is off).  I've downloaded the latest Windows XP updates.  Any other suggestions?


  • I've given up trying to burn using Pinnacle. I was wasting more money on media than it would cost to use other software. I'm using Pinnacle to capture using MovieBox with the firewire port. Once the video is captured I edit using Pinnacle. I then create an AVI file. I paid for the $49.99 upgrade to Sonic MyDVD. I use the Get Movies option in MyDVD to import the AVI file. Using MyDVD I create the Main Menu and chapter points. I then burn using MYDVD.  The media I'm using is Memorex DVD+R. Using MyDVD you simply put the media in the drive and select the BURN button. It works flawlessly.
  • Not a bad idea to use MYDVD.  I am not sure why Studio 8 is having a problem.  I never had a problem with burning (I am using 8.10 patch).

    I always burn to the hard disk first; then I burn to a DVD+RW.  Once I know the video is correct then I make additional copies to a DVD+R.  Although the +RW are more expensive it is worth having a few on hand to make sure your burn is successful.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks, Joe.  I think we're having the same problem since we both have the TEAC 8X DVD+RW combo drive which may not be supported by Pinnacle.  I'll follow your route and purchase the upgrade to Sonic MyDVD.  Just a few more questions, though:

    1. When you capture the video using Pinnacle 8.10, do you capture using full-quality DV or full-quality MPEG-2?

    2. When you render, what is the advantage of rendering an AVI file as opposed to an MPEG file?

    3. When you import the AVI file into Sonic MyDVD, does it support the chapters you made in Pinnacle, or do you make the chapter points in Sonic MyDVD?

    Thanks again!

  • I use capture with full dv.

    I use AVI at the default settings. Haven't tried MPEG. Used AVI and it worked. I may experiment with different formats in the future. Too tired right from trying to get Pinnacle to work. I've got something that's usable and that's fine for now.

    I do all editing in Pinnacle except chapters. They don't come across in the AVI file. All transitions, audio, edits come across great in the AVI file. The  MyDvd Get Movies button brings the AVI file into MyDVD. From there I add my chapters and burn.

  • Thanks for the great tips.  Though the solution basically gave up on Pinnacle and entailed an unplanned MyDVD upgrade purchase, it saved me several days of headaches and frustration from the lack of support from Pinnacle.  I wanted to rate your questions with 10 stars, but Dell only allows a maximum of 5! 

    By the way, if you've already got the full version of MyDVD, why not drop Pinnacle completely and just use MyDVD to capture, edit, and burn?

    Thanks again!

  • For all the headaches and frustration, Pinnacle is a pretty good package. Since I took the time to learn and refine my techniques using Pinnacle I didn't want to start from scratch with MyDVD. I don't think MyDVD has all the functionality as Pinnacle for capturing or editing. This may be a misconception on my part and in the future I may go completely MyDVD. But for now I have something that works and gives me what I want.
  • I don't believe MyDVD gives you any editing options.  It is great for just capturing and then burning directly to DVD.  (If the complete package has more, please let me know.)

    It is a shame Pinnicle didn't work with you as I find it a very good package; although some minor bugs, it does work for me.  You can also try a package from ULEAD.  They have a trialware to download from their site.


  • I have Pinnacle 8 including patches which I've been using to edit my video.  However, when I go to render it never makes it all the way through the video.  I've checked to see where it stops, then edited it so that the movie ends before that spot.  No luck, it still stops before the end of the movie. 

    I have render as background task turned off, as well as the hardware acceleration turned off.

    I also have MyDVD, but haven't found it as user friendly as Pinnacle.  However, if I can edit in Pinnacle and render in MyDVD, I'd like to do that, but I'm not sure how.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I'm using Dell 1.8 mhz with 512 meg memory, Sony DVD burner and an 80 gig drive for my videos.