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Videowave and My DVD not recognising my camcorder

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Videowave and My DVD not recognising my camcorder

  • Hi All,

    Yes, the Texas Instruments 1394 CHIPS are compliant, but the drivers, both DV and 1394 are not. They need to be changed to Microsoft for best results or as a starting point. Again, please consult Adobe's webpage for more information on this (Adobe makes you change them to their own drivers). And, yes, Texas Instruments drivers SAY they are OHCI compliant, but they are not. From what I understand OHCI compliancy is a 16 point quality check and has been been thrown around as a buzz term like "low fat" and "no sugar added" Scary, but true.

    As an aside, take care in the firewire card you choose. Many video card manufacturers create 1394/iLink/firewire cards that are NOT OHCI compliant. Either their drivers or the card themselves add proprietary header info to the video files/streams and cause conflicts with other software. Past offenders of this are Pinnacle, Matrox and the ports on Audigy sound blaster Platinum. For best results buy a firewire card that ISN"T bundled with software such as Adapetc's 4300, or a Belkin card, or even a Texas Instruments card, but just make sure those drivers are Microsoft.

    As for movie shaker, Neeps, their video files tend to be (or at least USED to be) a VERY high bit rate and far exceed many authoring purposes such as for DVD or VCD. You may be best off creating an .avi file and then converting it to the file format you need.


  • Many thanks yet again GossamerS.  I will continue to attempt to research the info provided by you and hope to come to grips with this technical jargon which is quite hard to a someone new to this arena. I have a slight problem going down the road you intimate at present.

    The problem is that I bought the very well specified system from Dell (which I have been happy with)as it fulfilled all my needs with the exception of a TV card which Dell could not supply and a Firewire card which I ordered from them with the bundled software from Roxio and Sonic.  The system was delived with Audigy card with firewire connection and not the one I ordered and paid for.   So far, I have sent two e mails to Dell sales regarding this matter and I am still awaiting a response from them.  For this reason I do not want to go and buy another firewire card. I went down the road of buying from Dell as I thought that both would have been compatable. I also did not have a particular liking to the software from Sony and would rather use the other software.