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Problem capturing video from canon mini dv camcorder in Adobe Premiere Elements 7 on new studio 15..

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Problem capturing video from canon mini dv camcorder in Adobe Premiere Elements 7 on new studio 15..

  • Hello All,

    I recently purchased a new studio 15 with XP and vista--currently running XP. My system came with Adobe Premiere Elements preinstalled.

    I can work with old video (previously captured using premiere elements v2 on my old inspirion) on my new studio laptop  using premeiere elements 7, but each time i try to capture new video from my canon mini dv camcorder--model zr85, i get blue error screen that references (0x0000008E (0XC0000005, OxB7CE1CFY, 0x949F8B84, 0x00000000).

    I am using firewire. I also get error if i try to bring in video from this device using roxio so it seems like the problem is with the camcorder--maybe some type of   driver issue, but I am at a lost.

    Any input greatly appreciated.

  • I am having the same issue with my new Studio 15.  Connecting a video camera through the firewire causes the entire system to blue screen.  I took delivery of this computer less than 7 or 8 days ago.  When I ordered it, I designed it using the specs required by Adobe Premiere 4.  There is more than enough disk space.  There are 4 GB of RAM.  The version of BIOS is current.  Hard drive: 7200RPM.  I am connecting my camera to the computer via firewire.  The same camera and firewire cable capture perfectly on my Gateway and my Sony Viao computers, both of which run Windows XP.  This problem is exclusively happening on my Dell Studio 15 laptop.

    When I called Dell technical support they are stumped.  They say it is being caused by my camera.  Based on the aforementioned evidence this does not appear to be true.  I am hoping that there is someone on this forum with more helpful information.

    The blue screen error message reads as follows:

    STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xB7B24Cf4, 0x8B71FB84, 0x00000000)

    ks.sys address B7B2CF4  base@B7B20000

    Datestamp 48025c12

  • Well at least I'm not alone. Thanks for commenting. I too just took delivery of my system within the last week. I talked to my tech guy from work...he tried a couple of things without success. He is great at what he does, but admittedly video is his weakest area. In the brief amount of time that he did have he found something referencing 'hyperthreading' and this issue. He thought that perhaps 'hyperthreading' might have something to do with the dual core processing that dell now offers. he was  going to check around when he had more time.

  • I just got off the phone with Dell software support regarding this issue.  The technician talked me through a number of different re boots and concluded that this is most likely being caused by the install of Windows XP.  They will charge me $129 to fix this via remote connection.  I just got this computer.  I never expected to have to pay out to fix a problem the computer came with.  I'm going to see if Dell will step up to the plate and absorb the cost of the fix.

  • Hey Jacksonjf-  Have you solved this firewire issue yet?  If you've got an answer I really need it!  Thanks.

  • Unfortunately, I am still at square one. I have just been trying to work with my old, ancient slow compute rto capture the video and then work with it on my new system. I feel as though Dell owes us a free solution and i am a bit disappointed in their customer service and approach to the entire matter. if i ever do find a solution, I will definitely post it--pleae do the same. thnx!

  • My week old Vostro 320 is unfortunately suffering the exact same problem........please contact me so we can work on fixes.....that is if you have found a solution or what the outcome was, please let me know!

  • SADLY I have had no assistance from Dell and no one else has been able to find a solution. We are guessing and hoping at this point that the problem is related to my running XP instead of Vista on my laptop. I bought my laptop with the XP dwngrade installed.  I am actually getting ready to switch to Win7 and am hoping that will fix the problem. I have since also switched to a digital camcorder. Best of luck to you and ifI do get a final answer/solution  i will definitely share.

  • Good Evening,  I don't know what changed but somewhere betwen automatic updates from Dell, Adobe and MicroSoft, my system can now read my camcorder and i was able to import my media into premiere elements. I'm nit even sure what made me try again, but I did  - connecting with my firewire just the other night and it worked!!