The Studio XPS 16 notebook is excellent for photos and shows all the extended colors & it is amazing to show a picture in ProPhoto color space & then drop it down to AdobeRGB & sRGB where the saturated colors are clipped, become less saturated, and loose the details in the saturated colors. The 1640 is also excellent at showing the pictures on a Sony XBR8 DTV when connected through HDMI and sending the data as YCbCr versus RGB.

I've been trying for a couple of weeks now trying to get the same results for AVCHD videos with xvYCC extended range colors without any success on either the excellent notebook panel or the Sony XBR8. I've updated every piece of SW I know of and I've tried both PowerDVD9 & WinDVD9+ but they all give me the windows' default sRGB color space on Vista 64 Ultimate. My friend has both pictures and videos working with the extended colors displayed on his Sony WCG notebook with both PowerDVD & WinDVD. I do not understand what to do next.

Has anyone had any luck with having a Dell system (notebook or desktop) show AVCHD videos and seeing the extended xvYCC (or Sony's trademark xvColor) colors?

If you have, then how did you get there?

I'd appreciate any help or advice.