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AVCHD xvYCC (wide color gamut) playback on Studio XPS 16 will not display extended colors

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AVCHD xvYCC (wide color gamut) playback on Studio XPS 16 will not display extended colors

  • The Studio XPS 16 notebook is excellent for photos and shows all the extended colors & it is amazing to show a picture in ProPhoto color space & then drop it down to AdobeRGB & sRGB where the saturated colors are clipped, become less saturated, and loose the details in the saturated colors. The 1640 is also excellent at showing the pictures on a Sony XBR8 DTV when connected through HDMI and sending the data as YCbCr versus RGB.

    I've been trying for a couple of weeks now trying to get the same results for AVCHD videos with xvYCC extended range colors without any success on either the excellent notebook panel or the Sony XBR8. I've updated every piece of SW I know of and I've tried both PowerDVD9 & WinDVD9+ but they all give me the windows' default sRGB color space on Vista 64 Ultimate. My friend has both pictures and videos working with the extended colors displayed on his Sony WCG notebook with both PowerDVD & WinDVD. I do not understand what to do next.

    Has anyone had any luck with having a Dell system (notebook or desktop) show AVCHD videos and seeing the extended xvYCC (or Sony's trademark xvColor) colors?

    If you have, then how did you get there?

    I'd appreciate any help or advice.



  • It looks like Sony may have a private application to make AVCHD (xvYCC) video work & be able to see the saturated colors.

    Windows 7 may be needed to get other systems to support AVCHD extended color (xvYCC) support.

    Has anyone else looked into this?

    Thanks Again,


  • The Sony VGN-AW230J wide color gamut notebook supports xvYCC / x.v.Color extended range saturated colors running Vista 64 Home Premium.

    I wonder why Dell does not support xvYCC / x.v.Color extended colors on the Studio XPS 16 (1640) notebook?

  • Hi Kim,

    I am very interested in this topic as well since I have a sony high definition camera and in probably a couple of months I´ll be getting a XPS 16 to do a lot of video edition. 

    One of the main reasons why I´ll go for the XPS is because its RGBled screen is supposed to display a wider color gamut and now I´m recording all my footage using xv color.

    I wonder if you ever tried to connect the camera to the computer via mini HDMI- HDMI cable and play the videos from the camera. 

    Let me know if you find anything else. I´ll be doing research on my own as well.



  • Hi Isaac,

    No, I have not tried connecting an xvYCC video camera thru HDMI input yet, but when I do, I'll let you know.

    I highly recommend the Studio XPS 16. The rgb LED back lit LCD panel is excellent!

    Btw, I have loaded Win 7 releases 7077 & 7100 (release candidate) onto my Dell & still no luck yet getting AVCHD xvYCC WCG videos to work when trying to play back the compressed streams through WinDVD 9, PowerDVD 9, or Windows Media Player. Super Angry

    If you find out anything about how to get WCG videos to work on this ATI based WCG Dell Notebook, please let me know. I'm very jealous of my friend that has it working on his Sony WCG notebook even on Vista.




  • Hey Kim,

    I went through the HDMI specification, the Dell XPS 16 manual  and the Sony Vaio AW series manual and I have some conclusions about all this.

    1. x.v. Color or xvYCC is a feature of the HDMI 1.3 standard. 

    2. The Dell XPS 16´s HDMI port only complies with the HDMI 1.2 standard. This means that the features of the HDMI 1.3 like xvYCC and Deep Color are not compatible through this port. Thus, I believe that if you connect your camera directly to the PC via HDMI cable still won´t be able to reproduce the full gamut of x.v.Color

    3. The Sony AW series has the Adobe RGB color correction technology feature. I believe that´s why it can reproduce the videos showing the full gamut.

    Based on the above,  I would say that it is not possible to display the full gamut on videos whose color is recorded in xvYCC on the Dell XPS 16 simply because it does not have that feature. 

    As the HDMI guys say: we better shop for features. If Dell had included the xvYCC feature, they would have announced it, just as Sony does with their televisions or in this case,  mentioning the Adobe RGB color feature on the AW laptop.

    However I still have hope on the XPS 16 since it has a proper RGB LED display capable of showing wider color gamut (as you have proven it with the photo tests) and after all, the xvYCC feature is just how the color is recorded and decoded. 

    My final word is that I believe that this can be solved by software that can decode the xvYCC colors.

    Let me know what you think, and what else do you think can be done.



  • Hi Kim,

    I finally solved the puzzle and I have bad news: Its not possible to display the xvYCC color gamut for videos on the XPS 16. The reason of this is that the video card is not able to do it.

    For example, the ATI 4000 series graphics card for desktops include the xvYCC feature but the 3000 series doesn´t.


    That´s it. As I said: shop for features, if the manufacturer would have included xvYCC compatibility they would have advertised it.

    Still, I think I´m getting the XPS 16 anyway. I learnt that the graphics card in the XPS 16 includes the Avivo dedicated unified video decoder for H.264. This allows the processor to do other tasks while the graphics cards handles the video decoding.

    Here more info about the ATI 3600.


    Finally, I have not checked the features on the GPU of the sony AW series to understand the real reason of its capability to display xvYCC.

    Hope all of this makes sense to you.