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Premier's Biggest Benefits - Straight from our Customers!

Dell Premier

Dell Premier
Learn more about how to increase efficiency in the planning, management, and support of your organization’s Dell IT assets with Premier.Dell, Global Portal, and PremierConnect eBusiness tools.

Premier's Biggest Benefits - Straight from our Customers!

  • What has Premier's biggest benefit been to you and your organization? Online order tracking? Reporting? Standardizing purchasing? Organizing a decentralized user base?

    Share your ideas so that other customers might apply your best practices to their organizations, to streamline and improve their own purchasing.

    Let us know your role within your organization. I love hearing about the creative ways in which users customize their Premier experience to make life easier.

  • I work for H & R Block during tax season. If a server or workstation goes down all I have to do is click, in the Block website, enter a portal and place an order. I have no paperwork , po numbers or any thing else to contend with.  In less than 24 hours my server or workstation is shipped directly to the Block office, no matter what town or state it is needed in.

     Premier connect has made my job a lot easier during an extremely busy time of year.

    I own a welding/prefab shop and this would be a great help for me when I am gone so much during tax season.


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  •  Thank you Teddi for your comments!  We are very glad to make your life easier as I can only imagine how busy tax season must be.  I personally support the PremierConnect team so if you ever have any suggestions for improvement or any questions which need to be answered please let me know.

    Also, please reach out to Dell-Shaunna C as she can assist you with scoping out how we can be of assistance with your welding/prefab shop.