GOAL OR METRIC: Begin Refreshing After Three Years

RATIONALE:  Analyst firm IDC recently issued a report that documents the risks of using old storage hardware, expressed as the amount of unplanned (failure) downtime per year.  The report says that 7-year old storage averages 35 hours of unplanned downtime.  Since data is the lifeblood of most organizations, a 35 hour window can represent a minor annoyance or a catastrophic occurrence.  There are a lot of ways to reduce this:  Data backup is the major one.  But preventing unplanned downtime before it occurs can be achieved by systematically replacing old hardware after three years.

POTENTIAL RESULTSNewer, higher performing hardware with automated management (tiering, backup, and archiving), based on an iSCSI backbone can .


SOURCE:  IDC: Managing IT Infrastructure Renewal: A Business Framework to Reduce Server and Storage Costs: September 2010


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