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Speed of New Workload Delivery Via Cloud

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IT Efficiency Metrics
The clear answer to today’s IT challenges is to increase IT efficiency throughout the infrastructure, from the desktop to the data center. This Wiki is intended to provide a forum where efficiency metrics, goals and guidelines can be shared.

Cloud Metrics

Metrics concerning the strategy, deployment, or management of cloud-based computing (IT-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, etc.).
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Speed of New Workload Delivery Via Cloud

Cloud Metrics

GOAL New Workload Delivered in Under One Hour

RATIONALE: Cloud is still in the early stages of maturity.  Yet there are some expectations that, if not met, will break the back of IT.  Four expectations emerge as critical.  Reliability is expected to 100%.  Enough backup, but not too much, is required to deliver “Always available” reliability.  Resiliency is expected to be fail proof, so that there is no break in service if any component in the system fails.  Speed and agility are expected to be transformed so that new workloads can be delivered in as little as one hour, rather than days or weeks.  And self-service is a critical component.  End users expect to be able to deploy and manage their own resources so that the delivery of IT resources is “frictionless.” 

Users of IT resources now have the opportunity to use a credit card and get cloud-delivered workloads themselves.  This might meet their short-term needs, but does little to help IT control costs and resources, or provide any kind of IT governance.  So delivering resources "at the speed of cloud" is not only responsible but imperative.

POTENTIAL RESULTS: The cost advantages of cloud computing -- public, private or hybrid -- are astounding.  However, it requires a shift in IT thinking and strategy:  from managing hardware and software, to delivering workloads in a dynamic environment (IT-as-a-Service).


  • More than One Billion people connect to the cloud using Dell. 



  • www.dell.com/cloud
  • The Risk of the Cloud is Diversity and Redundancy.  If all of your backups and Raid and tapes etc are all in one data center the risk and possibility of losing everything in 1 giant disaster goes up.