GOAL20% of Total IT Applications Using Cloud-based Delivery

RATIONALE: For most organizations, the path to the cloud is a transitional one rather than a jump. Two models have emerged. One leverages existing virtualization and moves pre-virtualized applications to a cloud-based delivery
model. The rationale here is that the platform and strategy for ITaaS is already in place, so the movement is a natural one. The other model is to move  non-virtualized or hardto-virtualize workloads to a cloud model, such as databases, ERP apps, or email. The rationale here is that some applications are simply too complex to transition, so using a proven cloud-based platform allows for offl ine development and less risky cut over. In either strategy the goal for most organizations should be to begin by moving 20% of your applications to a cloud delivery model.

POTENTIAL RESULTS: The cost advantages of cloud computing -- public, private or hybrid -- are astounding.  However, it requires a shift in IT thinking and strategy:  from managing hardware and software, to delivering workloads in a dynamic environment (IT-as-a-Service).


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