GOAL OR METRIC: Deploy in 0.7 to 1.29 Hours Per Business PC (44 - 77 minutes)

RATIONALE:.Speed of deployment of new business PCs is another measure of the efficiency (standardization) of an IT process. Today it takes an average 2.9 hours to deploy a single PC in most organizations. The best organizations should look to reduce that by as much as 70% to a range of 0.7 to 1.29 hours, but deployment of less than 15 minutes is not only possible, but available.

POTENTIAL RESULTS: Lower short- and longer-term total cost of ownership.


  • In addition to the total cost of ownership (TCO) for business PCs, organizations should also look to best practices for PC deployment. The best organizations strive for deployment costs from $373 to $583, versus the typical cost of $795 (a reduction of 30% to 50%).

SOURCE: IDC “Dell PC Optimized Deployment Model” June 201


  • IDC “Dell PC Optimized Deployment Model” June 2010