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Desktop Virtualization Strategy

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IT Efficiency Metrics
The clear answer to today’s IT challenges is to increase IT efficiency throughout the infrastructure, from the desktop to the data center. This Wiki is intended to provide a forum where efficiency metrics, goals and guidelines can be shared.

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Desktop Virtualization Strategy

End-user Computing and Mobility Metrics

GOAL OR METRIC: Have a Desktop Virtualization Strategy

RATIONALE:.Desktop virtualization is an efficiency technology that provides the greatest organizational control for the least cost.  In certain industries, such as government, health care and others, this has emerged as a credible and cost-eff ective alternative to traditional computing and provides security benefi ts that are difficult to achieve with traditional systems. It is important to assess the impact of virtualization and know if in your organization desktop virtualization is a viable option.

POTENTIAL RESULTS: Lower short- and longer-term total cost of ownership.


  • Today only about 5% of desktops are virtualized, but this is expected to grow to 10% by 2014.



  • Desktop Virtualization Overview:
  • Desktop Virtualization enhances end-user productivity:
  • Some environments cannot be virtualized.  A beowolf Super computer cluster tied together with infinity band cannot be virtualized to a blade.