GOAL OR METRIC: Single, Centralized & Automated PC Management on a Common Platform Using One Console

RATIONALE:.The number, variety and versions of applications can add tremendous ineffi ciency, and increases the costs of licensing and support. Two goals are clear: have as few desktop/laptop images to manage as possible and  reduce the number of operating systems supported. Best practices are that organizations have one of each – one system image and one operating system.

POTENTIAL RESULTS:  The less IT has to touch each PC, and the more remote and automated management can be, the less it will cost to support and manage them. 


  • Dell has standardized on Windows 7 and centrally manages only one client image worldwide.
  • Intel participated in the Microsoft Technical Adopter Program (as did Dell).  After only three months, Intel began full rollout of Windows 7 and expected to save $11 million in three years due to improved employee productivity, reduced costs, lower deployment costs and increased security.



  • Microsoft/Dell case study:  http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-Desktop-Optimization-Pack/Dell/Dell-Improves-Application-Deployments-Boosts-Reliability-by-Using-Virtualization/4000007745