GOAL OR METRIC: Single, Centralized & Automated PC Management on a Common Platform Using One Console

RATIONALE:.With the typical Total Cost of Ownership for each business PC averaging $615 each (not including the cost of the PC), and deployment costs averaging $795 per PC, management simplification can have a profound impact on these figures.  True efficiency, therefore, is to standardize the platform and consolidate management to a management console.

Standardization can take many paths:  Common OS, standardized apps and limited versions of apps, single or limited number of vendors, standard or limited processor types or brands, etc.

POTENTIAL RESULTS:  The less IT has to touch each PC, and the more remote and automated management can be, the less it will cost to support and manage them. 


  • Worldwide among more than 130,000 laptop and desktop devices, Dell uses only one image.
  • Dell centrally manages only one client image worldwide and is able to patch 95% of its systems in 72 hours.



  • Distributed Device Management:  http://www.dellmodularservices.com/dms/download?res=dell-desktop-manager