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Number of Tools used to manage the IT Infrastructure

IT Efficiency Metrics

IT Efficiency Metrics
The clear answer to today’s IT challenges is to increase IT efficiency throughout the infrastructure, from the desktop to the data center. This Wiki is intended to provide a forum where efficiency metrics, goals and guidelines can be shared.

Data Center Management Metrics

Metrics concerning the management of costs, hardware, software, processes, and people.
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Number of Tools used to manage the IT Infrastructure

Data Center Management Metrics

GOAL or METRIC: The lowest number possible

RATIONALE: The more tools, processes and silos an organization has to manage, the more people it takes to manage them and the slower the response to changing organizational needs. Even smaller infrastructures can require 50 or more management dashboards. Virtual era tools can manage physical and virtual infrastructure in a common resource pool with a single management console. Start by determining where are you now and how can you reduce that number by at least 50%.




  • Tools are only as good as the operator behind the tools.  Some subtle hints of a disaster can only be seen by those who have had BAD experience.

  • STANJONES left this comment, and I really like it

    Yeah, you may consider an average of 37 Dashboards

    Data centers choose  different design models and keep adding new tools and techniques to help monitor, measure and manage infrastructure. They are something that can also help them cut costs, enhance the functionality in terms of operations, increase the infrastructure life, etc.

    IMO. there are distinctly 4 data center infrastructure essentialities that ranges from basic data capture through sensors and SNMP traps to the highly advanced software for dynamic planning:

    Data Capture and Planning – capturing data from uninterrupted power and other systems for improved data center planning

    Monitoring and Inventory – delivering "fire-fighting" tools, alarms, dashboards, alerts; and other reactive management systems

    Diagnosis and Insight - reducing system failures and checking operating performance

    Recommend and Automate – pushing your data center to optimal performance levels using proactive data center management