GOAL OR METRIC:  Physical and virtual assets managed as a single pool using as few management tools as possible.

RATIONALE:  “Virtualization sprawl” is an inevitable byproduct of the incremental application of this technology. Each new workload adds another resource to manage, which is another reason why organizations keep hitting virtualization ceilings. Dell’s recommendation is to address the issue more broadly by using a smaller set of tools to manage both virtual and non-virtual resources, from deployment and provisioning to self-service, from reporting and monitoring to the recapture of under- or un-used resources, and for the automation of the entire process.


Adding virtualized nodes usually adds new silos that must be management: Servers, storage and networking.  A better strategy is to address the silos through management unification.



  • The Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) is one soluton that allows this kind of control www.dellcom/VIS. Regardless of vendor choice, strive to manage virtual and physical infrastructure with one tool. (www.dell.com/vis)