GOAL OR METRIC: Have Mobile ERP Access Strategy

RATIONALE: According to a recent paper by the Aberdeen Group, providing secure mobile access for the organization is an essential component of an overall ERP strategy. In this study, 50% of best-in-class companies have aligned their mobility strategy with their EPR strategy, compared to only 16% of “laggards.”  Through this alignment, best-in-class companies can provide role-based access, and ensure that mobile users – such as management and sales – are getting the information access anywhere they need, but do so within corporate guidelines.  


Additional facts from the Aberdeen report:

  • Faster:  Percent of time spent trying to access ERP information – Average 37%, best in class 25%
  • More reliable:  Percent on-time delivery of ERP projects – Average 92%, best in class 97%
  • More accurate:  Percent accuracy in ERP inventory – average 92%, best in class 98%
  • Quicker decisions:  Percent decrease in ERP decision time vs. previous year – average 7%, best in class 30%
  • Less waste:  Best-in-class companies spend 60% less time looking for specific ERP information
  • Quicker to revenue:  Number of days between ERP service completion and invoicing – average 4.3 days, best in class 2.2 days


  • The increasingly mobile workforce adds several issues that must be addressed in the IT infrastructure:  More devices to support, more operating systems, and exponentially greater security risks.  Accordion to the Aberdeen report, best-in-class organizations are three times more likely to include mobility as part of their overall ERP strategy

SOURCE: “Mobility in ERP 2011,” Aberdeen Group, May 2011, by Keith Prouty and Nick Castalina