GOAL or METRIC: $13 per MBps per month

RATIONALE: This is a measure of data center throughput.  Faster is better (meaning a lower number), higher performing, and more efficient. The concept is that dramatic efficiency can be had, even with existing infrastructure, but it can only be attained by increased infrastructure efficiency.

Inefficiency – slower & more costly performance in this case – is a result of the typical “add a box…add an app” approach with no central strategy that looks to ensure the greatest utilization (virtualized first), the most efficient networking (addressing inefficiency inside the rack, not just outside it), and the best performing storage (greatest performance for the important stuff)

There are two ways an organization can lower this number. They can increase throughput within the existing cost envelope.  Or they can have the same throughput and decrease the cost of supporting it.  Focusing only on the latter is shortsighted.  Most organiztaions work on both the neumerator and demonimator if the equation.


  •  Many orgnizations are running at $95 MBps per month