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Dell SupportAssist Enterprise error: unable to configure snmp settings


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Dell SupportAssist Enterprise error: unable to configure snmp settings

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Hi all,

I have recently upgraded Dell OME from version 2.2 to 2.3. With this upgrade, Support Assist Enterprise Version: was also installed. I configured it by adding all the devices in my environment and also updated OMSA version to 8.5 and configured snmp settings using the task drop down list.

The problem is that two of the servers are showing following error when i click configure snmp settings:

I checked supportassist logs and found following entries for both the servers:

[Thread-34095] ERROR 645 - Failed to connect:<00>/Server IP
[Thread-34095] ERROR 134 - Error while copying script file to destination

Please advise on what could be the issue?


Uzair Ali

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  • Hello Uzair Ali,

    I presume that you are discovering the devices by OS IP because you stated that OMSA 8.5 was installed.  Please confirm that this is correct?

    Also, did you tweak the log output posted “Failed to connect:<00>/Server IP” to show zero’s for the IP address/port, or is this what the log actually stated?  If this is what the log stated, for whatever reason SupportAssist is unable to decipher the correct IP.  I would explore further into why the IP it is trying to resolve is coming back with all zeros.

    If you did tweak the output and there was a valid IP showing in the logs, then I would double check that IP is reachable from the management node where SupportAssist is installed.  If the IP is indeed reachable, please validate the corresponding ports are also open on the remote node.

    Thank You.

  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the reply

    Yes im discovering the devices by OS IP.

    Yes i did tweak it but i only replaced the actual IP of server with phrase "Server IP" for privacy reasons. I did not change anything else.

    However the issue is resolved now. It was an issue from our side. Supportassist was not able to access the remote folder because of an incorrect value in SMB registry settings that was changed through group policy. Once i corrected that the issue was resolved and supportassist was able to connect to server and configured snmp settings.


    Uzair Ali

  • Thanks for sharing the feedback, glad to hear the issue is resolved.