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SupportAssist Enterprise adding OME devices


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SupportAssist Enterprise adding OME devices

  • Hi, I recently upgraded OME 2.2 to 2.3 and with that upgrade, it installed SupportAssist Enterprise.  Since the upgrade, a few devices are showing up in SupportAssist as "Unable to add device"  I have tried to re-validate the device, change creds, even remove them from OME and re-add them after some syncs between OME and SupportAssist and nothing seems to work.  Looking at the logs, I see it cannot find any open ports during it's "port scan" from the validation process, but SupportAssist and the DRACs it is having issues with are on the same subnet so can't be a firewall issue.  At a loss here at this point, any help would be appreciated.  Below is a snip-it from the log.

    05 Jul 2017 09:18:54,360 [SAE-PortScan-Queue-Processor-1] ERROR 111 - Port scan failed for device with address bil-logodb2-02-drac

    05 Jul 2017 09:18:54,361 [SAE-PortScan-Queue-Processor-1] ERROR 114 - Error code : SA-17005 Reason: Required Ports are not opened for Device -

    05 Jul 2017 09:18:54,419 [pool-8-thread-45] ERROR 105 - portScanFailed for deviceid:1498849479511|449239391588367935 with error Code:SA-17005

  • Hello dhebert24,

    Does your management server connect to the internet through a proxy server?  If so, then the IPs for the iDRAC devices must be added to the Exclusion List.

    Here is a note from the User’s Guide for v1.1:

    NOTE: If the server running SupportAssist Enterprise connects to the internet through a proxy server, devices that were added with the iDRAC IP address are placed in the Staging group. To move the devices to the Default group, add the IP address of the iDRACs in the Proxy Exclusion List on the SupportAssist Enterprise Proxy Settings page and then revalidate each device.

    SupportAssist Enterprise Version 1.1 User's Guide


    Thank You.

  • Hi Dave, we do not have a proxy server in our environment but I do see all the effected server seem to be either in the default group or staging group in support assist.  How do I move them away into different groups?

  • In order to create custom groups, you have to click on Devices -> Manage Device Groups and create a group there.  Once the group is established, you can move devices into that group.

    In order to get devices out of staging group into default group or another group, the device credentials have to be validated, otherwise the device cannot be moved out of the staging group. So make sure either a profile has been created for the specific type of device with respective credentials or assign credentials to individual devices directly.  

    Once you assign a device profile or directly add device credentials to a device, the validation process kicks in to confirm the communications with the device as successful.

  • I am still having some serious challenges with the setup.  Some devices if I re validate will move out of the staging group but others remain.  The creds are correct, there is no proxy and so far the ones I checked are failing due to ports not being open, however they are on the same subnet as the management server so there is no firewall at play.  These were all working fine with supportassist for OME.  This all started when I upgraded to 2.3 with supportassist enterprise.  Below is another snipit of the log.  I cannot find reference to the SA-17005 error code anywhere in the documentation unless I missed it.

    07 Aug 2017 17:21:02,451 [SAE-PortScan-Queue-Processor-2] ERROR 114 - Error code : SA-17005 Reason: Required Ports are not opened for Device -

    07 Aug 2017 17:21:02,476 [pool-8-thread-102] ERROR 105 - portScanFailed for deviceid:1498849486048|5529384480365096055 with error Code:SA-17005

  • Most right now are DRACs that cannot be added.  Is there a minimum supported DRAC firmware I need to be on.  Kind of all over the map on versions of firmware in this case.

  • Here is some general information on what is required for iDRAC devices:

    • The device must be a 12th or later generation Dell PowerEdge server (iDRAC7 or later).
    • If the device connects to the internet through a proxy server, ports 161 and 443 must be open on the proxy server firewall.
    • Enterprise or Express license must be installed on the iDRAC.

    Required ports are described in the SupportAssist Enterprise 1.1 User's Guide.

    Are you experiencing issues with only those devices discovered by OME and imported with OME adapter in SupportAssist?  What happens if you discover the device directly from SupportAssist, do you get similar validation error?

  • Hi, I get the same exact validation error.

  • I think it is going to be best to contact Dell Technical Support and open a case so we can access your system and look at relevant details.  Thank You.

  • Same problem here, after upgrading OME 2.2 to 2.3, upgrading SupportAssist to Enterprise 1.1, it suddenly can't connect to our devices anymore. It was working before but now 71 out of 78 devices can't be used anymore and remain in Staging.. Some if the 7 working devices are in the same subnet as 60 others and the SupportAssist host, no firewalls that have magically appeared, seems a bug in the PortScan code of SA..