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Puzzled about VRTX's monitoring in SAE


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Puzzled about VRTX's monitoring in SAE

  • If I have added VRTX to SAE and configure SNMP done, do I need to add M630 and switch module to SAE and do the same configuration?

    I'm not sure SAE can monitor all the component if I only add VRTX to SAE?

    Anyone know the answer? I will appreciate your reply.

  • Yes you have to add all components if you want them monitored.  Adding the VRTX CMC IP address is just the chassis and its components.

    I would suggest you add each M630 by iDRAC and LAN IP, and the switch modules by their IP addresses

  • That is correct, you must add the devices within the chassis separately.  In addition, if you want alert monitoring for the chassis itself, you must configure it to forward SNMP traps (alerts) to the server where SupportAssist Enterprise is installed.

  • Thanks for yahac and dave's rely. I successfully add the M630 to SAE. But the switch module in VRTX can not be added to SAE. It reminded as the photo:

    I check the support matrix of SAE,

    So does the SAE not support the VRTX's switch module?

  • Wen_bin_li,

    I do not see anything in the SAE documentation stating that the VRTX Switch Module is supported so I am checking with the product team for clarification on this.  It might be early next week by the time I am able to get you a clarification on this.

    Thank You.

  • That's find. Appreciate your reply and what you do.

  • Hello Wen_bin_li,

    I have asked the product team and they confirmed that the VRTX Switch module should be supported by SAE 1.0 and if it still throwing the error, we will need to review the SAE logs.  Please forward those logs to me or else you can contact Technical Support and they can help obtain the logs and other pertinent information from the system.

    Thank You.