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Dell SupportAssist collection error (error code: 1000_6)


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Dell SupportAssist collection error (error code: 1000_6)

  • Im having issues regarding configuration of Dell SupportAssist.

    I have configured the credentials for dell switches, m1000e chassis, idracs and servers (OS is windows). Dell SupportAssist has configured the switches and chassis successfully. But it is unable to configure the servers and fails with the " SupportAssist is unable to run the collection component on ******** error code: 1000_6" window.

    Dell OME version:

    Dell SupportAssist version:

    Your prompt help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Uzair,

    Corrective Action:

    1.Make sure the device credentials provided are correct.  Are you using IDRAC or Window creds?

    2.Ensure that the user credentials provided has proper administrative rights on the target device.

    3.Check if the device is reachable via a simple ping.

    4.If the target device is 11G or below make sure OMSA (Open Manage Server Administrator) is installed on the target device and the application is in a working state.

    5.For windows machines make sure WMI service is up and running.

    6.In case of 12G and above devices, if the device is discovered using iDRAC IP make sure the iDRAC firmware is updated and port 443 is open.

    7.Collection on a WAN network with low bandwidth may timeout. If the devices are in WAN and all the above mentioned corrections made it could be a timeout issue.

    DELL-Joe B
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  • In addition, I sometimes see that DSET was not properly installed during SupportAssist installation. You can fix that by downloading and installing DSET on the SupportAssist server.

    Download can be found at:

  • @MartinG "DSET has been replaced by SupportAssist Enterprise" ! But You are right regarding DSET tools was not properly installed.

    @uzair.ali You can found DSET Tools :

    During installation, do not hesitate to select "remote provider option" !

  • Hi Joe,

    Here are the results of the corrective action:

    1. I am using both IDRAC and Windows credentials. Using them in following format:

    IDRAC username: root

    Windows username: Administrator (i have also used localhost\Administrator or .\Administrator but it still failed)

    2. User credentials has proper admin rights. I also use these same creds to perform system update tasks using Dell OME.

    3. Device is pingable.

    4. Device is 13G (M630 blade server) but i have installed OMSA 8.4 on it just in case and it is working properly.

    5. WMI service is running.

    6. Im not sure about the discovery part but is there a way to check? IDRAC firmware is latest (  

    7. All the devices are in LAN but the servers/host OS are on a separate network from the IDRACS.



  • @Martijn G @Mika thank you both for the clarification on the DSET tools and its relevant links. I will try this out tomorrow morning.

  • Are you able to run DSET from the CLI from where OME/SupportAssist is installed?

    Open Command prompt in administrator mode where SupportAssist is installed.

    Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\AdvDiags\DSET\bin>

    Run DSET for an idrac ip

    Run the following command: “Dellsysteminfo.exe –s <ip of the target machine> -u <username of the target machine> -p <Password of the target machine>”

    Replace the <> with the remote machine details.

    If you’re using a proxy

    “Dellsysteminfo.exe -x <proxyhost> -y <proxyusername> –s <ip of the target machine> -u <username of the target machine> -p <Password of the target machine>”

    If it passes via the CLI, can you go into SupportAssist > Devices Tab > Inventory Tab, select the same iDrac device.  Select Edit Device Credentials.  Verify in upper right it displays SERVER – Idrac, enter the username and password and run collection from SA.

    To Confirm, you discovered the servers in OME via both the idrac IP and OS ip?

    DELL-Joe B
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  • Yes the servers in OME are discovered both the idrac ip and OS ip.

    I have run the dellsysteminfo.exe command and replaced the <> with the remote machine details and it has successfully passed via the CLI.

    I have also edited device credentials, verified that it is displaying SERVER-IDrac7, entered the credentials and started collection.

    Still displaying same error.

  • Uzair.ali – I sent you an friend request and a message via the forum asking for more information, some personal I’d rather not have shown on the forum like IP and credentials via CLI vs SA .  Let me know if you didn’t see request.

    DELL-Joe B
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    please check if the command works fine in system context. SupportAssist runs DSET/LASSO in system context.

    ·         Extract psexec.exe from the attached zip file.

    ·         Place it in a folder, Example C:\Testdset

    ·         Open Command Prompt using Run as administrator option.

    ·         Navigate to the directory having  psexec.exe in command prompt.

    ·         Enter command PSEXEC -i -s -d CMD

    ·         This will open new command prompt in system context. (refer screenshot below)

    ·         Please execute the DSET command in the new command prompt and confirm if the collection is successful.



    DELL-Joe B
    Social Media and Community Professional

  • I have executed the above mentioned command and yes the collection is succesfully completed.