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Support Assist Network Connectivity fail


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Support Assist Network Connectivity fail

  • Hi,

    our Support Assist is not passing all Connectivity tests.

    We can access all required links from the Server including,

    However the Dell Upload Server test fails.

    We have checked all post on this site regarding certificates and so on all to no avail.

  • Hi Pavlos34

    Can you please try importing the certificate again and share the results of the test?

    Thank You.

  • Please explain what certificate and how to import - the only certificate is from the dropbox url and it imported into other sites on the server all ok

  • I was referring to importing the certificate again.  You can do this by opening up IE with elevated privileges (Run As Administrator) and going to URL  From there you can click to view the certificate and import it again.  Store location should be Local Machine.

    If the problem persists, can you please share with us the version of SupportAssist you are running?  Are there actual upload failures occurring or it is just the test is failing? You can check the SupportAssist application logs to see if you see any errors related to actual uploads of collections.  Common error code is 25 when it comes to upload issues.

    In addition, if you can locate fileupload.log in one of the sub-directories where SupportAssist is installed, that might reveal some details on where the error is stemming from.

    Thank You.

  • Hi Dave,

    As per checking the logs under C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Dell Integrated Support\logs\log-file.txt the log says:

    2017-02-17 03:00:15,447: T0xPHOMEScheduler_Worker-20 FileUploaderUtil ERROR Message=[Configuration File upload failed with error code 25 due to: Server failure. Could be no route, proxy failure or an actual server error]

  • Hi Paulfermoreyes,

    Was the system working normally before and suddenly started experiencing this issue? Or is this a relatively new install and it has been happening from inception.  

    Generally speaking, here are the common reason for seeing error code 25:

    • invalid proxy configuration with SupportAssist settings
    • proxy server preventing traffic from reaching end-point
    • firewall issues preventing traffic from reaching end-point,
    • certificate issue.  

    Please check into those areas to help narrow down the root cause.

    Thank You.

  • Hi Dave,

    we have made no changes and the connectivity tests are all now running correctly on Support Assist.

    Our next issue is all devices in Support Assist indicate:

    SupportAssistcomponent is not available.

    If the problem persists, it may require log files to further troubleshoot. Contact Dell technical support for assistance.

    Error Code : SA_106

    To date we have only 4 Windows Servers all with OMSA and SNMP configured all being inventoried on the OM Essentials Server correctly.  What do we need to do for connectivity between the OM Server and the devices for Support Assist.  We have read that DSET is required however the pdf's look to be out of date as DSET looks to be obsolete now replaced by SA Enterprise.

    Very confusing - this OM Essentials Server was built from scratch so why so many oddities.

    All help gratefully received.


  • Hi Pavlos34,

    There are 3 versions of SupportAssist currently in production today.  Here are the latest versions of each:

    • SupportAssist for OME v2.2
    • SupportAssist for Servers v1.3
    • SupportAssist Enterprise v1.0

    Please make sure you are reading the documentation for the correct version you have deployed.  As general information, all versions will eventually converge into SupportAssist Enterprise.

    With the information you have provided around SupportAssist and OM Essentials (OME), I presume you are running SupportAssist for OME v2.2.  In addition, with the fact that all connectivity tests are passing, I can conclude that SupportAssist is able to communicate with OME without any issues.

    DSET is a required component when it comes SupportAssist for OME v2.2 and error code 106 generally means the device credentials are not configured properly for SupportAssist to connect to the device and run DSET.  Since it sounds like you have discovered the devices via OS IP and not iDRAC interface, please be sure the windows credentials are configured properly in the device settings of SupportAssist.

    Thank You. 

  • Hi Dave,

    thanks for all the good info.

    Ok so how do I get hold of DSET - and what version is required.  Also does DSET need installed on the OME Server and all of the Devices I am managing (Windows Servers)?

    I did try different credentials to no avail but as DSET is more than likely not installed this would make sense?  I don't recall DSET being installed with OME?

  • Hi Pavlos34,

    DSET is installed automatically as part of SupportAssist v2.2 install, you normally do not need to take any specials actions for this utility to be installed..  You can easily verify if DSET is installed or not by going to Programs and Features.

    In addition, the default location of DSET is under C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\AdvDiags\DSET

    If you have this folder, It is installed already.  Although it is uncommon, there is a chance the install of DSET could be corrupted on the system and you may need to reinstall.

    You can easily confirm this by running DSET via CLI, if it runs normally when executed manually via CLI you will know that DSET is not the issue.  If you need further details on running DSET manually, you can review the documentation under DSET Manuals.

    Thank You.

  • Thanks Dave - DSET does not appear to be installed - no folder or programs entry.

    How do I install it now if Support Assist is already on the Server and configured.

  • Donwload it from and install it on the server.

  • Martin - this is what is shown on the site:

    DSET – Dell Server E-Support Tool for Dell Servers

    Dell System E-support Tool (DSET) has been replaced by SupportAssist Enterprise

    Please note, the collection tool, Dell System E-Support Tool (DSET) has been retired and replaced by SupportAssist Enterprise as the primary collection tool to be used with Dell EMC technical support.

    Since we have already installed SupportAssist (as part of OpenManage Essentials) and configured it we don't want to uninstall this.  As I said to Dave - this is a clean Server build from scratch and the Open Manage Essentials 2.2 has not installed DSET and there were no error in the install.

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