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Dell Upload Server (SupportAssist) is DOWN?


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Dell Upload Server (SupportAssist) is DOWN?

  • The support upload server dell was running normally and a few days before it stopped running?

  • Hi Joaomarcih,

    Can you please provide some additional information such as the exact URL you are referring to?

    What happens when you run the connectivity test from SupportAssist?

    Thank You.

  • The problem occurs when I test the connectivity on the supportassist

  • Can you please open IE on the SA Management Server and go to the following URL and let us know what you see:

  • Server Error

    404 - File or directory not found.

    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  • That is the correct result we are expecting for the URL test.  

    Please verifying the server certificate

    1. On the address bar, click the Security Report icon , and then click View Certificates.  The Certificate is displayed.

    2. In the General tab, verify if the certificate displays a valid date.

    3. Click the Certification Path tab, and verify if the GTE CyberTrust Global root certificate is listed.

    If all the above is good, I am going to request that you engage Dell Technical Support so they can further troubleshoot.

    Thank You.

  • Hi Dave,

    I have also the same issue. I have followed what you suggested and it doesn't have GTE CybertTrust Global root certificate listed.

  • Paulfermoreyes,

    Have you tried to remove the certificate and import it again?  If not, please try that and let us know if the problem persists.  

    Thank You.

  • Hi Dave,

    Here is the screenshot of certificates listed from the site you gave

    Which one should I remove?

  • In the general tab, does it display a button to Install Certificate?

    If so, click on that and it should over right the existing certificate if already installed.  You want to make sure the store location is Local computer.  

    Thank You.

  • hi

    i don't know if information below could help you :

    For collections to be uploaded to Dell Upload Server, certificate related to has to be installed. Installation of this certificate is performed automatically, but there are instances when certificates do not get installed. Under such scenarios, please follow below steps to install certificate manually for the uploads to Dell Upload Server work successfully.

    Access the URL in IE

    You should see the certificate error.

    Click “Continue to this website (not recommended)”

    Click certificate Error on top of IE (In RED color) and click “View Certificate”  (Refer to attached images)

      Now click “Install Certificate > select > “Place all certificates in the following store” > OK > Next > Finish

    Select Local Machine account to install the certificate (if displayed) (Refer to attached images)

    Click “YES”  for security Warning



  • Hi,

    On my end, it seems there is a restriction on our servers to install certificates

    Is there any way to reinstall the certificate you mentioned?

  • Paulfermoreyes,

    Did you try run IE with elevated privileges?  If not, first close any open IE sessions and then open it again by right clicking and selecting Run as Administrator option.  After doing this, you should see the Install Certificate Button under the general tab.

    When you install the certificate, it should be visible under the  Other People tab when going to IE Options > Content tab > Other People tab under the Certificates window the pops up.


  • We are also experiencing this issue, could someone from SupportAssist/Dell please provide links to the exact required root certs so we can install them manually.

    If these certs are a requirement then it would be helpful to make clear what and how to install them. 

  • Hi,

    We recently had an issue with the Upload Server at our end. Which has now been rectified.

    Can you check again today if you are still seeing the issue?

    If the issue is persisting, please provide me your email address so that I send you a document with the list of  all the certificates that are required.


    Aniruddha S