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API/Script maintenance mode


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API/Script maintenance mode

  • Is there any way to script or call an API to put SupportAssist for OME in maintenance mode?

  • Hello Jomach,

    There is no API designed to do this with SupportAssist for OME.  There is a registry key called MaintenanceMode that holds value 1 if the system is in Maintenance Mode and value 0 if it is not.  The Dell SupportAssist Service must be restarted in order to pick up the value from registry.  There is no script we can provide that will do this, however with the above information it is possible to write your own script to achieve this functionality via script.


  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I think it might be possible to do it using an http POST request to the application controller. However that seems to have broken SA for OME. Guess I sent the same value twice for the maintenance mode. After that, error message page when accessing the settings, restarted SA, rebooted, no results. I had to re-install SA.

    Guess you may want to consider a possible bug in that matter.


  • Jomach,

    We do not support http POST to the application controller and cannot offer a solution using that approach at this time.  

    We will look into providing a scripted approach as possible enhancement, however at this point the only option we support is via SupportAssist UI.

    Thank You.