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dell support will not install


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dell support will not install

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had to go to tech support to remove a virus and lost dell support assist when we tried to reinstall dell support assist the message given was no update available. All traces of support assist were been removed i even tried downloading the support assist agent but this did not help.

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  • Hello,

    Can you please share the following information?

    1. Is this a laptop/desktop? Please provide the information on system model and Operating System Installed

    2. What was the version of Support Assist installed on the system

    3. Do you see Dell Support Assist and Dell Support Assist agent in Control Panel->Programs?

    4. Have you tried to restart the system and try to uninstall Support Assist?

    5. If you are not able to see Support Assist and Support Assist Agent programs under Control panel do you see the files listed under C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\SupportAssistAgent\bin and C:\Program Files\Dell\SupportAssist?



  • Hi Jayanth YK

    To answer your questions

    1. this is a laptop  XPS L502X running Windows 7 Home Premium service pack1  64 bit operating system. assist for pc and tablets

    3. No. assist has been uninstalled but will not reinstall

    5.The files are not listed

  • yep this is laptop.. my system model no. dell 3542 4th gen i5 and my operating system is windows 10 ..

    the version of my support assist is 1.3.6817.133. and i have another support assist that version is 1.3.0..148

    yes i have tried to restart my computer but that doesnt work..

    thanks ...

  • Hello there

    Please restart the system once and re launch Support Assist install by clicking on the below link

    If it fails, collect the following logs so we can investigate the error code, zip them up and attach here.  Steps:  Start Menu > Run and type %appdata%, then collect the following folders




    Also attach the screenshot of the error message



  • aulauncher also ran aulauncher and get a screen saying support assist no update available also only installer logs can be found in appdata showing error code 2 am unable to send zipped file and screen shot

  • Before installing the Aulauncher.exe we should probably run a few a clean-up steps first.

    The following list can be used to fix the issue where the bootstrap installer is returning “no updates found.”

    I’ve seen just uninstalling SupportAssist and deleting the following directories work as a quick clean-up but if that doesn’t work then try the more detailed steps below.

    First try Quick Clean-up steps:

    • From the Control Panel, uninstall Dell SupportAssist and Dell SupportAssistAgent.

    • Remove the following directories by opening start menu and run %appdata%\

    • Remove PCDr

    • Run %programdata%\  and remove

    o PCDr and PC-Doctor for Windows

    • Run exe


    If that doesn’t work try the detailed steps or just run the detailed steps first.

    Detailed Steps

    Note: Execute all commands at an admin command prompt.

    1. Execute “uninstaller.exe” found in any of the following directories.

    a. \program files\Dell Support Center

    b. \program files\My Dell

    c. \program files\Dell\My Dell

    d. \program files\Dell\SupportAssist

    2. If uninstaller.exe doesn't exist or fails

    a. Run Regedit.exe

    i. If it exists, Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PC-Doctor

    ii. If it exists, Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\PC-Doctor for Windows

    iii. If it exists, Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PC-Doctor

    b. Delete each of the following folders if found

    i. \program files\Dell Support Center

    ii. \program files\My Dell

    iii. \program files\Dell\My Dell

    iv. \program files\Dell\SupportAssist

    v. %appdata%\pcdr

    vi. %programdata%\pcdr

    vii. %programdata%\PC-Doctor for Windows

    viii. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Dell\SupportAssist

    c. Download and execute the EXE noted in the URL below.  Note: do not use an existing copy as we want to ensure the latest version is being used.


    DELL-Joe B
    Social Media and Community Professional

  • thanks for advice clean up was done by tech support previously but support assist would not load\update will leave things as they are until I have a serious problem with my laptop

  • Just to let you know support assist downloaded today. I did not need to carry out the steps recommended but most if not all of the files had been cleared by dell tech support over a week ago. Again thanks to all for your advice.