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Supportassist problem with sql inserts


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Supportassist problem with sql inserts

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we are running supportassist as an openmanagement plugin.

The supportassist plugin was running fine for some time, but looks like something breaks and don't know what it is.

Anyone got an idea what we can do?


GetInventoryJob ERROR Message=[Error Getting Inventory JOb : could not insert: [Dell.Services.PHome.Objects.Persistable.AssetOverview][SQL: INSERT INTO "AssetOverview" (DeviceId, IPAddress, ServiceTag, WarrantyStatus, CaseStatus, DeviceType, Model, EventSource, DiagnosticStatus, LastDiagnosticRunTime, CaseId, CaseTitle, CaseCreationDate, CaseOverviewCaseStatus, LastTimeCaseOverviewUpdated, DeviceTypeDescription, LastUploadTime, DiagsToolType) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?); select last_insert_rowid()]]

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  • Please try restarting SupportAssist service.

    I would suggest to contact TechSupport so they can access your system for further troubleshooting and obtain the necessary logs and data as needed.