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VRTX exclusive mode storage to shared


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VRTX exclusive mode storage to shared

  • Hi

    I wanted to ask a question, on my VRTX if I select to change the attribution type. (exclusive to shared), I losted the virtual array, is it normal ?

    I switched the attribution type, and the array came back, thus I lost nothing, but the customer bought another blade to add a ESX, thus the need to share it is now there.

    I wanted to know how to make the share to be able to keep the array. I tried while the VM was on, I guess my problem came from there, but I want to be sure.


    nb, I add a picture to show the option I mean, sorry for the French language in it.

    There a pic from the error log when I switched back the attribution's type; you see all the disk coming back online (sorry again for the French pic)

  • I think I posted in the wrong forum, can we move it to the PowerEdge's forum. Thanks again

  • Hello Philippe,


    This forum is dedicated to support for Dell SupportAssist related issues.  Can you please repost your question in the Server Forum.


    Thank You.