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I am getting messages "SupportAssist has stopped working"


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I am getting messages "SupportAssist has stopped working"

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I am getting constant messages that SupportAssist has stopped working. I can't run SupportAssist application, unless I restart computer or LogOut from Windows and LogBack. Then SupportAssist is accessible for maybe an hour (or less), when application becomes inaccessible again. This behaviour is going on for few days now, before everything was working fine.

I am running SupportAssist 1.2.6745.47, SupportAssistAgent and DellUpdate 1.7.1015.0

What can I do, to fix this problem? Thank you!

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  • Hello,

    We will need to collect the PCDr logs and Memory Dump File to forward to the PC Doctor team for troubleshooting. Please follow the below steps to collect that info and send an email to SupportAssist@Dell.com when finished.

    To gather PCDr Logs


     Developers is requesting the contents of this user’s directory at %ProgramData%\PCDr\6745\ for a better understanding of what caused this problem in the first place.

     C:\ProgramData\PCDr\6745 > you can select all and Send to > Compressed Zip Folder.

     You can name the file {YOURNAME or initials}_PCDr6584.zip

    Memory Dump File


    They need a memory dump of the pcdrcui.exe process.  Also, please make sure Task Manager has admin rights when generating the memory dump, or a permissions error will be seen.  Follow steps below, let me know if you have questions

     If there is an application crash (i.e., a Windows dialog stating the application has stopped responding/working), do NOT dismiss the Windows dialog until a memory dump is captured.

    a.       To generate a memory dump – open Task Manager, right click on the process that the Windows dialog states has crashed and select ‘Create Dump File’ (e.g.,pcdrcui.exe,).

     i.  When the memory dump is created, a Windows dialog will specify its location.

    ii.  You may now dismiss the Windows application crash prompt.

    I tested the steps, I had to launch SupportAssist to see those exe’s, looks like you have to recreate the issue, do not dismiss the crash prompt until you capture the dump logs

    Dump files are very large, could you do a compressed zip.  Other files were 500 MB, zipped they are about 140MB

    You can name the file {YOURNAME or initials}_pcdrcui.zip



  • Hello, Kusuma RenukaPrasad, thank you for helping me out!

    I have managed to upgrade Dell SupportAssist App to a newer, current version. For few days now everything is working fine, without "error" notifications. I will report back, If problem will reappear.

  • Thanks for the update.



  • Kusuma RenukaPrasad, unfortunately the issue "SupportAssist has stopped working" is still present and today I have sent a mail to SupportAssist@Dell.com, as you have requested, with a link for you to download my computer PCD_logs. Please let me know, if you have received the mail? Thank you!