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Support Assist 2.1.0 Error


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Support Assist 2.1.0 Error

  • I have upgrade my System to Support Assist Version

    When I click to tab settings appear this error : "A problem occurred with the Dell SupportAssist service.
     Please make sure service is running and try again.
    If the problem persists, perform the Connectivity Test or contact Dell technical support for assistance."

    I try to restar the server and the service is running but the error persists.

    Also in the tab device they disappeared both servers and storage

    Help me please



  • Hi Nicola,

    Thank you for posting this question.
    This error occurs when Dell SupportAssist Service stops.

    To further investigate please try to reproduce this issue again and send us SupportAssist logs to
    Log location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Dell Integrated Support\logs\log-file.txt



  • I sent the email to SupportAssist@Dell.con two weeks ago but  I have not yet received answer.
    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the delay, thanks for the logs.
    Looks like this issue is because of unsupported IDRAC devices.

    SupportAssist supports IDRAC 7 and higher.

    If there are any IDRAC 6 or lower version devices discovered in OME, please remove/delete them.

    SupportAssist should start working after that.



  • I tested opening SupportAssist with Chrome instead of IE and the problem does not appear

    I think the problem is related to the flash player and then it's just a display issue


  • Ok Great. Send us the screenshot of SupportAssist UI from IE browser, where it is failing.

    Please let me know the IE version.



  • IE 11 Version

    IE 11 version

    Now the error no longer appears but the window remains as in the screenshot attached

  • Thanks for the screenshot.

    Please try to clear cache from IE browser.

    This should fix this issue.