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'intermittent error' on the Dell FTP Server test category


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'intermittent error' on the Dell FTP Server test category

  • Hi Colleagues,

    When my customer checked the DSA Connectivity Test, he found 'intermittent error' on the Dell FTP Server test category, and I checked this symptom happenes to me, too.

    Would you check whether Is there any issue on regarding the 'Dell FTP Server Connectivity'?

    This issue happenes regardless of DSA/OME version.

    1. My Customer OME/DSA version
     OpenManage Essentails :  v
     Dell SupportAssist : v

    2. My OME/DSA version
     OpenManage Essentails :  v
     Dell SupportAssist : v

    Many thanks,


  • Hello DongJoon and thank you for the posting question.

    We have not heard of other customers reporting FTP site connectivity issues and often times these issues are environment specific.  In order to better assist you, can you please provide some additional information:

    1. How are you determining the connectivity is intermittently failing?  Are you invoking the test from SupportAssist UI manually multiple times or are you using some other utility?
    2. What is the frequency of the failure?
    3. Does the failure occur more often during certain periods of the day vs. other times?
    4. What are the results when you use the browser on the management server and access https://ftp.dell.com
    5. If you have access to other servers in the same network as the management server, what are the symptoms from those other servers in accessing https://ftp.dell.com

    Thank You.

  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your deep help, your comment and question was very helpful to me and my customer, whether the latest DSA has any issue or not on its functionality.

    I and my customer both checked the connectivity is fine today, and he concluded it is not from the OME or DSA program issue.

    In addition too, brief answer about your question is as below:

    1. From DSA UI manually + telnet ftp.dell.com 443 port

    2. Not sure

    3. It was one day issue(10/26), and it is working find today.

    4. Didnt tried at that time, today it works fine.

    5. It was tested from both customer network(Customer DSA) and Dell network(My DSA).

    Thank you & Regards,