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Upgrade OME / SupportAssist 2.1


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Upgrade OME / SupportAssist 2.1

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Hello, I upgraded to 2.1 and after this supportassist under devices shows a lot of error and unknown. I have checked credential also runned collect logs. When i do the connectivity test all is green. I get following errors:

Collection Error

Supportassist is unable to run a collection component on xxxxxxxx

If the device is running a Windows operating system, ensure that WMI service is running on the device.

Error Code: 1000_42


Supportassist is unable to run the collection component xxxxxxx

Ensure the following:

Provide the administrator credentials for the device in supportassist.

OMSA is installed and the OMSA services are running on the device.

iDRAC firmware is updated, if applicable.

Error code: 1000_6

These servers are Vmare and some few Hyper-V. OMSA is installed and same credentials / setup as the few that works. iDRAC 6/7 mostley 7 and firmware is updated.

Anyone have an ide why this happened after the upgrade?

Best regard


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  • Hello John and thank you for posting your question.

    It seems like you are getting different types of errors (another words multiple issues). 

    What was the older version of SupportAssist that you upgraded from?

    Have you confirmed on the WMI error that WMI is running on the target node?

    WRT credentials error 1000_6, have confirmed the device type credentials are configured correctly?

    Thanks You.

  • I upgraded from version 1.3 and WMI is running on the Hyper-V hosts, but most of the host are VMware that don't work, the use WSMAN, right? I shouldn't need to touch these since it all worked before upgrade, and the upgrade keeps the values. When i look i se that credential type is entered for windows, ESX/ESXi, iDRAC and cmc, this hasn't changed since upgrade.

  • Thank you for providing the additional details John.

    There was a new concept introduced in version 2.0 where you can configure specific device credentials as well as group devices together and set credentials for the group.  Since you went straight from version 1.3 to 2.1, you will need to  confirm the device type credentials are configured correctly. Here is a quick link to the documentation that explains how to configure these credentials in SupportAssist UI: Configuring the default device type credentials

    If problems continue to persist after setting the credentials, please contact Dell Technical Support because we may need to obtain additional information and look at the application logs to better assist in resolving the issues.


    Thank You.