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Manual Case Creation Mode


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Manual Case Creation Mode

  • Hi DSA collegues,

    The automatic case creation is very good to reduce customer effort, but my customer wants to collect several cases accumulated, then create those cases manually by click a button named 'Create a SR', seems like 'Asynchronous' mode.

    Would you consider to include this feature to new DSA version? It will be very helpful for the customer to make time to be balanced and to optimize customer's resource if they can manage the system issue.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi DongJoon,

    The SupportAssist management team is looking into this query, if they can include this as a new Feature/Requirement in future releases.

    Please wait for my response.



  • Hi Madhav,

    Thanks for the reply. 

    It would be very helpful to my customer who manages more than hundreds of tags in each countries.



  • Hello Madhav,

    Is there any update for this manual case creation mode?

    Before creating the case, if customer can click 'ignore this case' button in DSA, then it will be very helpful too.

    Thank you & Regards,