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SupportAssist connectivity test alerts


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SupportAssist connectivity test alerts

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We've recently installed OME and SupportAssist The connectivity test shows everything green, but every evening at 11pm I'm getting an alert that SupportAssist was unable to connect to OME.

Here is the portion of the log for 11pm:

2015-08-09 23:00:00,037: T0xPHOMEScheduler_Worker-15 NetworkValidationJob INFO  Message=[Start : NetworkValidationJob]
2015-08-09 23:00:02,801: T0xPHOMEScheduler_Worker-15 NetworkValidationJob INFO  Message=[Network Validation Test Complete...Checking if any test failed]
2015-08-09 23:00:02,807: T0xPHOMEScheduler_Worker-15 NetworkValidationJob INFO  Message=[All Network Validation test passed]
2015-08-09 23:00:02,807: T0xPHOMEScheduler_Worker-15 NetworkValidationJob INFO  Message=[End : NetworkValidationJob]
2015-08-09 23:00:17,356: T0x50 PhomePluginWCFService INFO  Message=[Invoked WCF GetCaseOverviews for all service tags...]

It appears from the log and the connectivity test screen (which shows a timestamp of 11pm for the latest successful test) that nothing is wrong, so why am I getting the alerts?


Regards, Dominic

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  • Hi Dominic,

    Where are you getting the alert and could you post a screenshot of the error?

  • The alert is being e-mailed to me each evening:

    The SupportAssist application has reported the following alerts:
    1 of 6 Network Tests
    Connectivity Test Type :  Dell OpenManage Essentials Service
    Issue :  SupportAssist is unable to connect to OpenManage Essentials.
    Last Verified :  8/11/2015 11:00:00 PM
    Additional Information/Action Needed :  All SupportAssist capabilities will be disabled until the problem is resolved. Provide the credentials of a user account that belongs to one of the following groups:
    • OME Administrators
    • OME Power Users
    • OME Site Administrators


  • Hello and thank you for posting your question regarding the daily alert issue.

    In order to perform further analysis, I will need the Registration ID from SupportAssist UI which can be obtained by going to Help menu in upper right corner and clicking on About.  Registration ID value is displayed after the version.  Please email that value to and we will take a look at the logs to see what the potential issues are.

    In addition, can you confirm that when you run the connectivity test manually, it always shows green for Dell OpenManage Essentials Service?

    Thank You. 

  • Dave,

    Thanks for your response. I've just e-mailed the registration ID as requested. When I do a manual connectivity test it is successful.


    Regards, Dominic

  • Hello Dominic,

    Just to provide closure for this forum post, I just wanted to share the outcome of the analysis we performed:

    • The SupportAssist instance that was in question initially is functioning normally and the alerts were actually from a different instance that is in the process of being phased out.
    • The credentials were corrected on the older instance of SupportAssist and the daily network connectivity test passed – no alert generated.

    Thank you for working with us and providing the necessary information during the troubleshooting process.