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Control Panel won't uninstall Support Assist Agent


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Control Panel won't uninstall Support Assist Agent

  • Im the administrator, but whenever I try uninstalling this program instead of a box popping up saying its being uninstalled. I get a box that pops up asking me if Id like to install it even though its already installed because I keep having problems with is since a week ago. How do I get rid of this this thing constantly telling me I have a hardware issue? Clearly I dont have a hardware issue, the laptop is almost new and I use it maybe twice a week. 

  • Hello,

    Are you still having issues with the uninstallation?   Couple of concerns here, you says there is no hardware issue, but product says there is one? Do you have a screen shot of this? Just want to make sure the application is not creating any false alerts and if so provide feedback to our development team as we have not seen false alerts. 

    Install shield dialog may call it as "install…" even for uninstall did you proceed with the process and no change? 

    Did try uninstalling both Dell SupportAssist and Dell SupportAssist Agent?

    From Add/Remove programs, there will be a small message prompt asking Yes/No field in that only after they click Yes and confirm for uninstallation, product gets uninstalled.

    Let me try and replicate your issue as well.

    I will message you personally if you want to share screen shots. I can also share a hotfix with you that may help on some of your issues.


    DELL-Joe B
    Social Media and Community Professional

  • I have been having the same problem after this update was installed on my computer without my permission.  I have tried unsuccessfully to uninstall the Dell Support Assistant Agent  and I keep getting this error message.

    Error 1721:  There is a problem with this Windows Installer package:  A program required for this install to complete could not be run.  Contact your support personnel or package vendor.  Action StopService. Location C:\Program Files(x86)\SupportAssistAgent\bin\CustomInstallActions.exe. command: stopService

    I want this off my computer so I can watch DVDs, listen to music, and watch you tube videos.

    Very aggravating.

  • Hi,

    I think the order of the uninstallation is important.

    First try to uninstall SupportAssist and then the SupportAssist agent. It worked for me.

    good luck

  • @gratschultz2013 - Could you provide a screen shot of the uninstallation error?

    @prhodes1 - I sent you a IM message about applying a hotfix so you can continue without audio/video…until we can resolve your uninstallation issues.  Please provide screen shot

    DELL-Joe B
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  • I was able to uninstall the darn thing finally. Although I have no idea why it kept popping up saying "Dell has detected your hardware is failing, and was prompting me to order new hardware for the PC." Now why would this be happening if my Laptop is only a couple months old and runs and performs at top notch? And even while I was getting those "alerts" the PC still ran top-notch without and "obvious" hardware or PC failures?

  • They are having issues even though they do not want to publicly admit it. I called support and they told the that their support assist program is giving false positives and incorrectly informing users of hardware failures. 

  • I am also having the same issues.  When I go to uninstall it a box pops up  'are you sure you want to allow this unknown program to make changes to your computer?  Could there be a virus instead? I read about the windows  command  processor virus and the symptoms are similar.

  • @PETE411 - you can click yes to uninstall, it's not a virus I have given feedback to the dev team on this.

    DELL-Joe B
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  • Thank you!!!

  •   I have the same problem and here is a screenshot. Both SupportAssisdt and SupportAssist Agent are uninstalled. How do I get this thing off my taskbar and computer?

  • You can try this...

    1)      Uninstall Dell SupportAssist and Dell SupportAssist Agent from Control Panel – Programs & Features

    2)      Remove these folders

    1. C:\Program Files\Dell\ DellDataVault
    2. C:\Program Files\Dell\ SupportAssist
    3. Click start & Run, Type- %ProgramData% and enter. Delete the PCDR folder.
    4. Click start & Run, Type- %AppData% and enter. Delete the PCDR folder.

    3)      Click on start run, type regedit, this opens the registry. Make sure the SupportAssistAgent folder does not exists in this location, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Dell\SupportAssistAgent. If the folder is present right click and say delete.

    4)      Restart the machine

    DELL-Joe B
    Social Media and Community Professional

  • I OWN this and am the administrator.

    Why do I get this, and how can I uninstall, please??

  • Hi Diane,

    Can you try to stop the Dell SupportAssist service and then try to uninstall?

    Joe has posted some steps in this blog, you may want to have a look at them too.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Aniruddha S

  • Joe - please help.  I too have issues with Support Assist.   I have tried to uninstall the Support Assist from control panel/uninstall and it won't do it.  I tried to go to my program file and delete both Dell Data Vault and Support Assist and it won't delete files.  My computer is new and only used for checking email and quickbooks.