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Problem with Audio/Video Playback?


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Problem with Audio/Video Playback?

  • I have a Dell Inspiron 17R SE (7220) laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro. I just updated to SupportAssist (which refused to register).

    In any case I suddenly found I have serious audio/video playback problems with any media on any player (VLC) for example. I tried changing settings, installing other players, checking the BIOS, and nothing worked.

    Then I uninstalled SupportAssist & Agent, and now all my playback problems are solved! What the hell is wrong with Dell, don't they test this stuff, utterly unbelievable...

  • I was surprised to see SupportAssist on my computer a couple days ago.  Apparently it was installed by Dell without my permission.  That in itself was very upsetting, but it gets worse.

    At the same time I started having problems with audio playback.  Since my music practice relies heavily upon numerous audio applications, the audio playback issue was intolerable.  I was furious about the problems that had cropped up, but I did not immediately associate them with SupportAssist.  After much lost time though, I came across this post, and after uninstalling SupportAssist and Agent, the problems are gone.

    I'm furious with Dell's reckless installation of this application, and my opinion of Dell is has been severely diminished.

  • Yes, I quite liked My Dell & still use the Dell Update app, not that it finds much these days for a laptop over 2Y old. Like you I was surprised not to be asked about the SupportAssist installation & also furious when I found A) it didn't work/register & B) it screwed up my audio/video playback - not something you would immediately suspect as the cause of such issues! I wasted time re-installing VLC & other video players, checking my audio drivers, codecs, etc., and was stumped until I came across a post in another forum. Thank God for other users, I am sick ot the time I have wasted looking for ways to fix MS, Intel & Dell issues that should never have occurred in the first place. Anyway, glad I have heled you. To all other users uninstall the SupportAssist *** immediate & to Dell, fix the damn problem...

  •  Hi,


    I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues after installing SupportAssist. We have taken a note of the problems you have reported and are trying to reproduce this in our labs.

    I however have a possible explanation to the automatic installation of SupportAssist. SupportAssist is a newer version of MyDell. On machines where MyDell was installed this SupportAssist gets automatically downloaded and installed.

    Having said that I will take this feedback to our product managers and ask them to rethink on the auto install even when MyDell is present.


    For the Audio/Video playback issue, we have tried on Windows 8.1 and haven’t been able to replicate the issue so far. Perhaps, more information about your system configuration will help us reproduce and resolve this issue quickly.


    Again sincere apologies for all the problems that you faced.


    Aniruddha S

  • I guarantee we are not the only ones with this serious problem.

    speccy pc report sent via email...

  • confirmed that i have similar problems on windows 7. This was a fresh install of support assist

  • I can confirm having the same problem since yesterday 12 feb 2015 after an automatic update of Dell SupportAssist Agent. When playing or streaming video or audio, I get frequent short video freezes for a second or less, together with a buzzing sound from the speaker.

    Having used Dell supportAssist without problems until now, I did not associate my problems with this update, and was spending time to find the cause, but now I am going to uninstall SupportAssist and see of this solves my problems.

    (I run windows 7 on an DELL XPS 15 l502x)

  • Hi Vaskun,

    So I assume you were able to resolve the connection issue with TechDirect reported yesterday at

    It would help others facing a similar problem, if you can mark my post there as an answer.

    For the Audio/Video playback issue, If you have not uninstalled SupportAssist yet, it would be a great help if you can provide us the  log file from this location and the service tag of your machine?

              ·  For 64-bit system: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\SupportAssistAgent\logs

              ·  For 32-bit system: C:\Program Files\Dell\SupportAssistAgent\logs

    Aniruddha S

  • Now I have uninstalled SupportAssist Agent, rebooted, and the problems are gone. Thank you gzhtub!

    By the way, I did not uninstall Dell "SupportAssist", only "SupportAssist Agent", and that seems to be enough.

    So I still have "SupportAssist" installed, and everything works fine, but maybe I should uninstall this to? Perhaps someone could enlighten me to what "SupportAssist" does as opposed to "SupportAssist Agent". I actually liked the SupportAssist app, and would install it again if DELL fix this.

    These problems are reported in other threads to:

  • Hi, thanks, good to know, must be the SupportAssist Agent running some sort of memory resident app that interferes with audio/video playback? Would be interesting to know if you could just disable it rather than reinstall, but I agree, Dell should fix the problem asap.

  • As posted  by kingdippy  (13 Feb 2015 8:36 AM), maybe it is not just video/audio that freeze, but windows itself, only more noticeable when video/audio is played:

  • Hi, yes could be? I have been doing a little testing, reinstalling Dell Support Assist does not automatically install the Agent, and the buzzing audio is no longer present on media playback. HOWEVER, pixelated video IS present, which is immediately fixed by uninstalling this *** app. Obviously it is doing something in real-time in the background with Windows 7/8.x that really interferes with your system. Dell should withdraw this app globally until it is fixed, or just bring back My Dell?

  • Hi Aniruddha,

    I am experiencing the same problems with audio/ video as described above and my wireless mouse's cursor also lags sometimes. I uploaded the SupportAssist log to my drive, maybe it helps solving this bug: 

    Best regards,

    Sandor Horvat

  • We have developed a hotfix that will prevent intermittent audio/video issues when SupportAssist is installed on some systems.  We are in final testing and should have it available by tomorrow to share.


    We appreciate the forum members bringing this issue to our attention so quickly.

    DELL-Joe B
    Social Media and Community Professional

  • This is not just and Audio/Video problem. The whole system freezes for 1 second every minute. The buzzing sound is made only when you play videos and audio, otherwise you can just see that Windows hangs for 1 second (move the mouse around randomly on desktop or something similar). In my case it was with Windows 7 Home Premium on a XPS L502x.

    The problem started 2 days ago when Dell Support Assist got installed (yes, I had MyDell or whatever it was called) but I did not agree to update it to Support Assist, and I just realized today that I got this background app that I can't remove from the tray and that just keeps the fan at max speed while it's open.